A Double Shock

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The day we found out we were expecting twins is one of those days that will stay with me forever. I’ve never felt so many mixed emotions overwhelming me within such a short space of time and our lives changed forever.


Nearly 2 months ago we excitedly saw the 2 blue lines on the pregnancy stick. Our toddler had just turned 2 and it just seemed the right time to add to our family. Financially it seemed to work as our toddler would have government funded childcare about the time I would need to return to work. Our baby was becoming a big girl by the minute… sleeping in a big girl bed, starting to dress and undress herself, and fortunately potty trained over the summer.


We were more cautiously excited this time. We knew people around us who had really sadly lost babies in the early days so the risks seemed more close to home. When I had a couple of spotting episodes at 7 weeks we were perhaps overly anxious and were booked in for a reassurance scan. I remember the night before just praying “God, whatever news we get tomorrow I know you won’t give us anything we can’t handle or cope with together”. If only I knew what was to come that day!!


We prepared ourselves mentally for hearing bad news that day, although I had an overwhelming sense of calm and just felt that everything was fine. She started scanning and to our relief they found a good strong heartbeat. The sonographer then giggled. She just turned to her colleaugue with words that are still sinking in “there’s another one!”




Just check again.

Are you sure?

But twins happen to OTHER people not plain old us!



Early 7 week scan


Disbelief and shock we our main feelings after relief. It had never once crossed my mind that it might be twins. It was a natural conception, I’m relatively young, as far as I knew there weren’t any twins in my family (until I told my Dad and it turned out his mum, my Grandma, was a twin). I think with our first we had those conversations “wouldn’t it be cool if it was twins!” But this time it never entered our thoughts.


Of course we were excited too. Just a crazy mix of excitement, shock, and amongst it a fear. Fear that we won’t cope with twins and toddler, financial worries, and so so so many questions. I woke about 5 for the following week and couldn’t sleep till late. So many things whirling round my head.


I just have to keep coming back to that prayer I said the night before that first scan and trust we won’t be thrown anything we can’t cope with. We have so many loving family and friends who are all so excited to share this journey with us and what an awesome journey it’s going to be.


If anyone has any experience of raising twins recently I’d love you to let me know so I can ask advice or read any other twin blogs to help us along.


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My Sunday Photo

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Funniest moment of our Sunday trip to Crosby Beach, Liverpool.

“Look!! His tail!!”


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23 questions at 23 months

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I started this post a while ago after Louise George did the same on her blog ‘Little Hearts Big Love‘ for the hilarious linky From the Mouths of Babes. I’ve finally got round to finishing it off with some funny if not slightly random results.

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?

2. What makes Mummy happy?

3. What makes Mummy sad?

4. How does Mummy make you laugh?

5.  What was Mummy like as a child?
“A tunnel!”

6.  How old is Mummy?

7. How tall is Mummy?

8, What is Mummy’s favourite thing to do?

9. What does Mummy do when you’re not around?

10. If Mummy becomes famous, what will it be for?
“Babies! Ice cream!”

11. What is Mummy really good at?

12. What is Mummy not very good at?

13. What does Mummy do for a job?

14. What is Mummy’s favourite food?
“Bumble bee”

15. What makes you proud of Mummy?
“Mummy’s phone”

16. If Mummy was a character, who would she be?

17. What do you and Mummy do together?
“Want more please mummy”

18. How are you and Mummy the same?
“How are you!”

19. How are you and Mummy different?
“How are you!”

20. How do you know Mummy loves you?

21. What does Mummy like most about Daddy?
“It’s daddy!!”

22. Where is Mummy’s favourite place to go?

23. How old was Mummy when you were born?

Then she ended with “You’re chatterbox” (surely a phrase from Peppa Pig) I had that coming for asking so many questions!

I challenge you to copy and paste the questions, ask your tiddler and see the hilarious responses. Of course you can change mummy for daddy depending on who is asking the questions. Don’t forget to give Little Hearts, Big Love a mention.

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Keeping Your Cool in a Heatwave

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It’s not very often that the heatwave hits Britain but when it does it’s a ‘big event’.

The sunscreen, hats, sunglasses come back out; people start bareing their pale legs; parents with tiddlers start worrying about sun burn, heat stroke, nursery room temperatures.

This last one is my main thing because if we all don’t get enough sleep it just spoils the next day. So I’m left with lots of questions at bedtime and I must drive my hubbie up the wall!

1) Should we leave the blackout blind up?

Sun turns the nursery into a greenhouse so we close the curtains in the day and put up the blackout blind up at bedtime. We’ve then you’ve got the dilemma that it stops any air flowing through the window. But if we don’t put it up the tiddler will probably wake with the sun at some ridiculous time. Also if we leave it up in the daytime black absorbs more heat right?

*collapse in heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

2) Bedroom door… open or shut?

If we leave it open there’ll be a flow of air from the landing window / other bedrooms to keep the room cool but the light floods in at 4am and the tiddler might decide this is a sensible time to play!

*collapse in heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

3) Should we leave the bedroom window open during the night?

We want cool air to come in (although it may not if the blackout blind is firmly suckered to the window edges) but also don’t want the tiddler waking with the bird chorus at some unearthly hour. And what if the tiddler can’t get to sleep because she can hear the older children next door still laughing and playing out in the sun?

*collapse in a heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

4) Fan on or off?

We usually leave the window open and fan on in the hours leading up to bedtime to get the room to a comfortable temperature. But do you then leave it on? What if the tiddler wakes feeling draughty… but maybe the fan will provide enough white noise to relax the tiddler into a slumber state.

*collapse in a heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

5) Covers on or off?

I know a few babies who will only go to sleep in the security of their grobag or under a cover. If they have covers it’s not so big a problem as they can just kick them off when they’re too hot but trying to unzip a gro bag without waking a more lightly sleeping hot and sweaty tiddler can be tricky. And what if they wake in the night and need the security of their bag / covers to get back to sleep? You can’t leave them to sweat it out though.

*collapse in a heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

So there we are.

We thought bedtime was difficult enough.

Add in trying to make the above decisions when the sun had melted your brain!

It’s tough when after a busy day the most important thing is…

…sleep zzzzzzzzz…


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Day 14: Potty training and Progress

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I’ve started to realise that with potty training it’s a case of 2 steps forward, 1 step back but as long as there are more forward steps that’s all that matters.

Today was more a case of 1 step back, then 2 great steps forward.

Our step back:

This morning the tiddler shouted “wee wee mummy!” and ran to the potty. She sat down but then stood up fairly quickly saying “no wee wee there”. I left the room then came back in to find her pooing onto the floor. MAJOR EWWWW!! It was the soft kind too… All over her shoes, her skirt and of course the carpet. Gross. I quickly sat her on potty and she finished there. I guess she knew she needed to do something, but there’s still confusion between wee and poo.

Our 2 steps forward:

1)  The tiddler tends to be more aware of needing the toilet when she’s commando but at soft play this morning she was wearing her big girl knickers to save her dignity. I managed to see her do a ‘potty dance’ and clutch between her legs and still have time to take her out to the toilets where I supported her to sit on the normal toilet! I now feel a bit more confident when we’re out.

2) All afternoon, whilst wearing her knickers she told me verbally everytime she needed the potty… “need wee wee mummy!” When she’s not got clothes on her lower half she just takes herself to the potty but this is progress to know to tell me when she needs help to take down her knickers!

Hopefully by the time she goes back to the childminders in a couple of days she’ll have made even more steps forward. It’s been a really exciting fortnight seeing this big development and seeing her learning something new. My bank balance might start looking a bit better now too!

Day 13: Potty training and Summer

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Although many people advise to try and potty train over the summer we always thought this summer would be too soon. She turns 2 at the end of September and hasn’t been showing any interest really. Until one evening a few weeks ago when our friends visited for the weekend. They arrived at the tiddler’s bedtime when she has naked time to dry off after the bath. We’d used this time to introduce her to sitting on the potty, but she had never done anything in it. Our friends asked to borrow a potty for their similar aged tiddler who generally does a poo on the potty before bed. Our tiddler overheard this conversation, ran to get “my potty”, sat on it and did a big wee!! We gave her lots of praise and after that continued to produce the potty whenever we were in the house and most of the time she would do a wee and then one evening did her first poo too!

A few days later we decided she seemed ready to try officially ‘potty training’ and as it was the start of our 2 week holiday it was perfect timing. That was the start of this 14 day series.

You can’t always time potty training over the summer but it does make life easier. Today we enjoyed the morning with good friends in our garden and the tiddlers were able to play in the paddling pool. Letting them run around naked is great for the early days of potty training. The hardest part is going out wearing clothes!

This afternoon we had fun kicking a ball around the park, saying hello to the ducks, climbing on branches and stopped off at the Urban Beach for a brief play in the sandpit before going home for tea. I didn’t want to carry the potty so we just headed for the toilets and the tiddler didn’t mind sitting on the normal toilet!! She did the same before we left which is massive progress seeing as she hated sitting on the big toilet a few days ago.

When we got home she played around putting her trainer seat on the toilet. We’re yet to do a wee at home on the toilet but she really wanted to empty her potty into the toilet this morning so she’s getting the idea. Can’t wait for poos to go straight down the loo to save wiping out a dirty potty!

Day 12: Potty training and Low Morale

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As our holidays are coming to an end and the hubbie is back to work tomorrow we were both a bit down in the dumps as we travelled back home.

We’d been staying at my parents house for the past 2 nights and this morning the tiddler had 3 accidents both with and without clothes on her bottom half. These left me feeling like we’d taken a few steps backwards as they all happened in the house where she’s usually great. I guess I could put it down to being in a new place and not remembering where the potty was.

I was tempted to just put a nappy on her and started to wonder if she just wasn’t really ready. I started doubting I should be doing this and worrying that accidents would make her feel embarrassed.

On the journey back home I started reading parent forums and realised I wasn’t alone with the set back. I also discovered so many comments from other parents who found that their tiddlers would only go on potty when they were naked on their lower half. Noone seemed to be able to suggest a solution to this and it seems there are so many frustrated parents coping with constant accidents as soon as any trousers or underwear go on.

With further research I found a potty training technique (probably one of many!) called the Fellom Diaper Free Toddler Programme. This reinforces the idea that in the early stages of potty training underwear or close fitting clothes on the lower half cause confusion with nappies. He suggests that for the first 3 months the toddler should be naked below the waist and wear loose fitting trousers (or skirts or dresses) with nothing underneath when outside the house. After 3 months with no accidents he then states underwear can be introduced. Training pants are ideal to save the odd accident.

When we arrived home and checked the post our training pants and car/pram seat protector that I’d ordered from Amazon before we went away had arrived. Being back in the house the tiddler started running to the potty herself and did 2 poos as well! This gave me the boost I needed that she was definitely ready, as even upstairs where she couldn’t see the potty she asked Daddy for the potty and was able to hold until she was downstairs (she still resists going on the big toilet).

We don’t feel the need for the sticker chart now she’s got the hang of it and just give lots of praise. For out of the house I’m going to try and get some loose fitting trousers and carry on commando until she’s fully got the hang of it. We’re going to have the odd accident so carrying spare clothes, timing toilet runs and using the Seat Protector
should help. Feeling positive!

Day 11: Potty training and a Beautiful Wedding

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There’s always anxiety associated with potty training during an event. What if we get an urgent “wee wee potty” cry during a quiet part of the wedding service? What if she wets her dress..her spare clothes arn’t as pretty! Noone wants an accident to happen at a crucial moment.

As the tiddler seems to be much more reliant at bladder control when she’s naked on her lower half we decided she should be commando under her dress at the wedding! This worked pretty well with no accidents, although I still lead toileting times as I didn’t trust her to tell me in time with all the excitement.

In the morning we’d spent some time down by the river… again commando under her skirt and although she didn’t tell us in words she showed us signs.

Her main 2 signs are:

– suddenly stopping and clutching between her legs.
– running on the spot, or the ‘potty dance’ as I call it.

These signs gave us enough warning to carry her to a nearby bush or get the potty out. I’m hoping in time there’ll be less urgency and she’ll start to recognise the signs herself to be able to verbalise to us that she needs a wee or poo.

Day 10: Potty training and a long car journey

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This morning when it was time to get dressed we announced excitedly that we had a present for the tiddler! We presented her with the packet of ‘Frozen’ knickers and she loved them! If you’ve followed my previous posts you’ll have read the last time we introduced knickers about a week ago she majorly resisted and seemed to hate them so we left it. This time she really took to it and I asked her which one she wanted to wear. We then got dressed together and I made a point of showing her that I was putting on my ‘big girl knickers’ and she was keen to do the same! Although she then mucked about and nearly put them on her head but we eventually got them on!

Using knickers with pictures or patterns is also a good way of keeping attention when they’re sitting on the potty. My tiddler is keen to jump off the potty shouting “all done!!” before the last few drips so I either get her to count to 10, sing a song or ask her about the picture on her knickers.


Aside from one accident shortly after arriving at a chidren’s zoo today (embarrasingly on a carpeted shop floor), I was impressed with our long car journey home. She did a wee on the potty shortly after lunch today at 1pm and we left for our 3.5 hour car journey at 2pm. She didn’t want to sit on potty before the journey so I put a nappy on her. She then slept for 1.5 hours and we stopped off at a service station for a drink and run around when she woke. I then thought I’d try her on the toilet (lifted her over the toilet using the hook-squat-lift as she doesn’t like sitting on a big toilet and I’d left the potty in the car). Her nappy was still completely dry and she did a big wee! That was 3 hours after her last potty trip!

For the rest of the journey I braved leaving the nappy off (although left her sitting on it) and then she just went again once we arrived another 2 hours later.

Generally, though, I still don’t always trust her to give me a sign when we’re out and about although sometimes she has! We’re definitely making progress I think and she’s getting the hang of pulling trousers up and down, holding her wee between potty trips, and loves washing her hands (especially using the hand drier!!)

Day 9: Potty training and the beautiful Isle of Arran

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Today the sun is shining again and we’re off to the Isle of Arran. From Ayrshire you catch the car ferry from Ardrossan to Broddick. Was great having the car to explore the Island.

First stop was a half rocky, half sandy beach called Whiting Bay, apparently good for the rock pooling. The tiddler did enjoy counting shells into her bucket with her “spoon” (aka spade) but we didn’t actually see any exciting wildlife.

We had our picnic and set about making sandcastles and I enjoyed a little snooze while the tiddler ran up and down the beach with the hubbie. We then all ran into the sea and she squealed and ran away everytime a wave came in which was so funny!

Then we heard “a pay-ground!!” Sure enough there was a swing and top of a slide visible from the beach. We lugged our stuff up for a quick play before nap time.


Nap time for us involved a stunning road trip along with beautiful coastal scenery as well as the mountains. We stopped the car every now and again to take in the views and snap some pics.



When the tiddler woke up we enjoyed a little paddle at a beautiful beach. Beach trips when it’s warm and sunny are perfect for potty training tiddlers!