“Just Wait a Minute”

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The guilt I felt for my toddler when the twins were born was something I hadn’t anticipated. “Just wait a minute,” was something I hated hearing myself saying. Over and over again every day I had to turn my daughter away, tell her to occupy herself, tell her wait, tell her to just get on with things herself and I would try and join her in a minute.

The guilt was awful. I still struggle with this and get emotional just thinking back. It was probably also fueled by the stress of caring for newborn babies and the sleep deprivation that came with it.

B was my first, my only baby for 2 and a half years. I had all my time and energy to devote to caring for her, playing with her, reading her stories, putting her to bed and going on fun trips out.

The twins came along and they consumed nearly all my time and energy. Suddenly I was busy changing nappies, breastfeeding, settling them to sleep, changing their clothes, cleaning up sick and the usual cooking and endless washing. It was a highly demanding, stressful, and relentless time.

Since returning to blogging last month and reading other posts I’ve realised this guilt isn’t uncommon.

If you’re expecting your second or have a newborn and toddler already, then here are a few tips I found helped me spend more time with my toddler:

  • Get them involved
    • Instead of saying you’re too busy changing a nappy to play, involve them. For example, they could pass you a clean nappy, entertain the baby to stop them crying or have them change their dolly next to you.
  • Don’t feel guilty about using TV
    • “Sleep when the baby sleeps” is advice that I mostly took on board with my first. With your second it’s pretty impossible when you have another child to amuse. I found when (or if!) the babies slept at the same time, this was our special uninterrupted mummy-daughter time. On a good day I do painting, crafts and playing with her. But to be quite honest in the newborn days this was too much. After being up most of the night I just wanted to curl up in a ball in a dark room. The nearest I could get to this was putting on a film and lying next to her on the sofa. Just don’t feel guilty, it’s not forever.
  • Walks with the pram
    • Getting out of the house with the babies in the pram has lead to some of the most quality time with my eldest. We’ve chatted as we’ve walked, collected nature, played in the park whilst the babies slept in the buggy, and been to the fun fair (although that did involve a stop off to breastfeed the twins on a part-broken picnic bench whilst trying to consume an overpriced hot dog!… and then change both nappies on the grass… she waited very patiently).
  • Find local playgroups
    • We go to a couple of brilliant groups. A multiples group and a church group at the end of our road. The main advantage of playgroups for me, aside from the blissful hot coffee and toast, was having people to help; to do crafts with my little girl (and clean up the mess after!!); to watch the twins while I took her to the toilet; to play with her; to watch the twins so I could play with her! I couldn’t survive without our groups and I’ve made some great friends. They’ve been there when I’ve needed a shoulder to cry, to offload, to understand and to laugh with.

Most of all, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember how challenging and tiring you found just 1 baby and now you have the extra demands of a toddler too. They will adapt quicker than you think, and so will you.

Please comment if you’ve had a similar guilt-trip and share how you cope.

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I Surrender Mummy

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Ok, ok I surrender.

You win mummy.

I’ll go to dreamland.



My Captured Moment: Family Photo Fail

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My captured moment this week was taken at a friend’s wedding last weekend. We thought we’d try to get a nice family photo while we were scrubbed up smart.

This photo makes me laugh because we always struggle to get the tiddler to look at the camera. This time there was a balloon on the ceiling and clearly more interesting than the camera.

Tip: If you’re getting married and have children to keep entertained then just buy helium balloons and bubbles!! Isabella and the other tiddlers were amused for most of the reception by the balloons and they had favours on the table for the children which was a gel bubble pack. The gel mixture was amazing as it didn’t spill out so even the littlest of tiddlers could play with them unsupervised.

Unsupervised entertainment = priceless.
2015-06-06 16.55.26

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Let your Hair Down!

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It’s pretty safe to say becoming a parent changes your life… you have to make sacrifices and changes in lots of ways. From the minute you wake are woken in the early hours of the morning until bedtime you are meeting the constant demands and needs of a little person or persons. Most of the time it’s fun and rewarding but every parent needs a break… just going out without a changing bag or a pushchair or routine every once in a while will keep you sane! You need time to be YOU!

Time to remember what life could be… and surely will be like again one day.

Time to let your hair down.

Time to wander aimlessly around the shops, browsing the lines of clothes without checking your tiddler hasn’t run into the glassware section or pulled clothes off the rails.

Time to have an uninterrupted conversation with a friend.

Time to get glammed up and dust off your heels.

Time to just sit… preferably with a glass of prosecco/beer and your closest friends.

I feel quite privileged recently to have had a lot of ‘me’ moments and some fun times with close friends. A couple of weeks ago I went away for a couple of nights for a friend’s hen do and then recently I celebrated my birthday by going for afternoon tea with some girl friends. In fact the day leading up the afternoon tea was equally as relaxing!


Rare Night Out Together!

The day started with me getting my hair highlighted, cut and styled… it’s quite sad when sitting in a hairdresser salon with a trashy mag and a hot mug of coffee feels like a spa day! I then went into the city centre and met a friend and we both had a Benefit makeover. Think I nearly fell asleep when she asked me to close my eyes to apply the eyeshadow! We then enjoyed a bit of child-free shopping and I actually bought some clothes and jewellery for me! We arrived to meet the others for afternoon tea in a chilled out mood and had a fantastic time. The boys joined us afterwards for a drink or 2 and my hubbie came too once the tiddler was asleep and he’d briefed the babysitter. It was a lovely, rare thing being out together and felt just like the old days!

This week I was also able to enjoy more ‘me’ time. My husband took the day off for my actual birthday and we had a fantastic day in the sun as a family just playing in the park with a picnic. He then looked after the tiddler whilst I went to meet friends for tea before going to see SClub 7! It was so much fun dancing around to cheesy tunes and pretending to be 16 again.

When the tiddler was a baby I did wonder if she noticed I’d gone out. Now she’s older (nearly 20 months) and starting to speak it’s clear she does notice. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to upset her unless she actually sees me leave the house so I tend to sneak out when she’s not looking to save tears. The other day after I’d gone to see SClub I’d left her having tea. She played with daddy, had her bath and it wasn’t until he was warming up her mug of milk that she said “Where mummy gone? Not here!” She went to bed happily though without any trouble so all was good.

I recommend everyone to plan lots of you time into your parenting life. It’ll keep you young, keep you sane and keep you smiling 😀

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My Life in A-Z

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When I set about writing this post I thought it was going to be pretty easy… a week on I’m finally finished and it has got to be one of the hardest posts I’ve written… This is my A-Z challenge set for me by Louise George from Little Hearts Big Love. You can read her A-Z challenge here. Writing this has made me re-evaluate my life and realise there are a few hobbies from my childhood/teenage years I’d like to pick up again. It’s funny how work and day-to-day family life can so easily take over sometimes but we all need to take time out to enjoy things we love doing and that’s been the main challenge to me when writing this.

A – Arachnaphobic; I hate spiders! Just hope my tiddler doesn’t pick up on my fear too much. The hubbie usually steps in to rescue me.

B – I chose to shorten my 1 year old’s name to Bella and she is living up to this name as she is beautiful inside and out!

C – My Christian faith has been a big part of me from a very young age and has kept me strong in some tough times.

D – Dancing in the Raz! Much of my University nights were spent dancing to cheesy tunes in the ridiculoudly cheap and dingy Blue Angel night club (aka The Raz). Usually wearing some form of fancy dress.


E – We collect eggs from our friends’ chickens when they are away.

F – I play the flute and did get to Grade 8 when I was at school but admittedly hardly play these days apart from in the band at Church.

G – Giraffes are my favourite animal at the zoo and it would be my dream to see one in the wild. We bought a huge inflatable giraffe from Chester zoo last year… now I have a child I have an excuse to buy lots of giraffe toys and pretend the tiddler wants them hehe.

H – I got Henman’s autograph when I went on a trip to Wimbledon with our school tennis team. Sadly it rained all day so we didn’t actually see any tennis!

I – Isabella is my 19 month old daughter, what can I say, I never thought I could love a little person this much. She makes me laugh, keeps us on our toes and even when she’s been naughty she wins us over with her cheeky smile.


J – “Just good friends” is what I said about my best friend for a year until I realised I was in love with him and we’re now married with a 1 year old daughter!


Our Wedding Day

K – Keswick in the Lake District is a place I’m very fond of after camping there with my family every summer from aged 2 to 18.

L – Liverpool is where I came to study Physiotherapy. I met some great friends and fell in love, got married and still live and work here.

M – Mexico is the only place I’ve visited outside of Europe and was our last big holiday before the tiddler came along. White beaches, turquoise sea, palm trees, swimming with turtles, rivers through caves all make this place awesome. Can’t wait to go back and show the tiddler(s).


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

N – In case I’m not already sounding like a bit of a loser I’m now going to admit that I still watch Neighbours every day!

O – “Ot dat?” (What’s that?) My tiddler’s first 2 word phrase and it was never ending for a good fortnight she pointed at everything and asked “ot dat?”

P – When I’m not blogging and being a mummy I work 3 days a week as a Physiotherapist. I work in intermediate care on the rehab wards and enjoy it as long as we’ve got enough staff to spend time with the patients.

Q – It still makes me laugh thinking about my friend’s Grandma who used to mispronounce ‘quiche’ and say ‘quicky’… made me chuckle when she said “Fancy a quicky?”

R – Rachel, that’s my name!

S – I’m ashamed to say I’m going to see Sclub 7 in Liverpool on Wed haha.

T – TiddlerTales is this blog that I started in December 2014 so I could record the ups and downs of life as a new parent. I find it really therapeutic and rewarding and it’s great having somewhere to document the tiddler’s development to look back on in years to come.

U – I actually love having to wear a uniform to work as I don’t have to think about what to throw on in the morning!

V – If there are any people reading this with any spare cash then I’d love to go to Venice please! Hehe

W – Wilson is my maiden name. I married into the Freeman-Powell surname and everyone always thinks my maiden name was either Freeman or Powell!

X – X factor, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice are shows I try and follow. There’s something quite entertaining and quite often emotional seeing ‘normal’ (I use that word loosely) people become famous.

Y – My favourite YouTube video is the twins talking, still makes me laugh!

Z – Zoo! We love Chester Zoo which is our nearest.

2014-05-26 10.47.53


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Leaving Home aged 19 months

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The tiddler is really making me chuckle recently. She is now just gone 19 months and she comes out with the funniest expressions, conversational babbling and very occasionally something that we can actually understand among the babbling.


Leaving Home

The other day my husband was prancing around and putting on a silly voice to make her giggle and she just looked at him with an air of disapproval and I swear she sighed “poor mummy”. We were in fits of giggles!

A funny phrase the tiddler has picked up at the childminders is “bye guys!”. She sounds so cute when she says it. I also love how she seems to enjoy saying bye bye to pretty much anyone and anything, even inanimate objects. For example when leaving the house in the morning you might hear “bye bye daddy, bye bye shoes!”

Last week I think she’d finally had enough of us and decided to leave home. I was washing up and heard “bye bye mummy, bye bye daddy!” I looked to see what she was doing and spotted her carrying a sleeping bag to the front door. “Bye bye Bella!” I said and she cheerfully waved to me “bye bye mummy!” I’d love to know what adventures go through her head… maybe she was off on holiday, trekking through the jungle with her dinosaur and Mr Tumble.

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Parenting a Royal Baby

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With all the talk lately of the next Royal baby due any moment it got me wondering what life would be like as a Princess Parent. My imagination went into overdrive whilst the tiddler was sleeping in the back seat of the car and I was sat in my trackies looking knackered… how different would my parenting life be if I was a Princess with a Royal baby?

I wouldn’t need to get up in the night! Well… I’d probably still breastfeed but once they’d weaned the nanny could settle the tiddler back to sleep!

I wouldn’t look like I’d just woken up with bed hair and no make up when in fact I’d barely been near my bed.

I’d have a make-up artist to hand to hide the wrinkles and dark baggy eyes.

I would never need to make the tea one handed whilst calming the hungry whining tiddler.

There would always be someone to hand me the TV remote and a glass of wine water whilst feeding the baby.

I’d get to pee and shower in peace! A nanny would always be to hand for those times you just want a bit of privacy and space to breathe.

When the baby / toddler throws food at the walls and smears it on your finest curtains you could just get the maid to clean it!

When your toddler is disgusted by her tea and spits it out you could just say “take it up with the chef!”


At the risk of sounding negative and ungrateful for the lowly life I lead in my suburban semi I’ll include a few advantages of NOT being a famous Princess… are there any? Well I’ve racked my brain and thought of a few.

I can just leave the house in my trackies, unwashed hair and nobody would care! Noone would be waiting round the corner to photograph me and the tiddler.image

I can get away with mummy fails without making the front page of The Daily Express.

The last outfit I dressed the tiddler in isn’t being scrutinised in the fashion section… what if the tiddler had puked all down the designer outfit just as you were leaving the house and you had to grab a top that didn’t match?

I wouldn’t have the freedom to just meet other mums or go to the local park without crazy attention.

So there are a few and that’s not even including the attention of being pregnant and famous… all the headlines of how she’ll give birth, where she’ll give birth, how big the bump is, her maternity dress sense, whether it’s a boy or girl… There are quite a few reasons I wouldn’t want to be famous in general, aside from the obvious benefits that money can buy. Zayne from One Direction has opted out of the spotlight but some doubt it’ll be a long time before he can ever lead a fully normal life. In fact the media attention he received when he announced he was leaving has probably caused the opposite effect… my husband has now heard of him and knows what he looks like! So while I’ll accept being a ‘normal’ parent for now, I’ll sit back and watch the imagination of my own gorgeous Princess as she looks for her Prince. Who knows, she might even marry George one day!!!

What could you do differently if you were the parent of  a Royal baby?

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Spring in our Step

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This spring sunshine is really perking us up and I’ve even noticed a difference in the tiddler. She’s much less whiny and loving having the freedom to be able to just run around the garden, throw balls across the grass, pull the heads off my flowers, play on her slide and swing and explore this whole new world that stayed hidden away in the past few cold, damp months.

It’s a relief really. The little girls and their puppy next door provide endless entertainment peering over the fence and the hole in the fence probably won’t get fixed now that it’s become a favourite peek-a-boo spot for them.

I feel like there’s so much more fun we can have at home when the weather’s better and and we’ve definitely been watching less TV which was sometimes the only way to stop us both going insane and for me to get little jobs done.

Here’s what my 18 month old tiddler has been up to in the garden this week:

  • Throwing and chasing balls
  • Playing on the swing and slide
  • Planting out green runner beans
  • Helpfully handing me pegs as I hang out the washing
  • Carrying weeds to the wheelbarrow as I dig them up
  • Peek-a-boo with the neighbours
  • Picnic on the lawn
  • Meeting some garden friends (worms and snails)
  • Pushing her doll’s pram around
  • Playing with ride on car
  • Watering the plants
  • Transferring stones from one plant pot to another

All in all this last week has been fantastic and we’re all feeling much happier! We’ve had so much fun together. It’s raining again now but I’m sure the sun will come out to play again soon. 🙂


Have you got any other ideas for garden games or activities we could do when the sun next comes out?

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Positive Thinking on a Bad Day #thankyou

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I’ve just had one of the worst. days. ever. OK, it probably wasn’t as bad as the day I crashed my car, and nothing majorly awful or catastrophic happened, but it was just a stream of minor mishaps that just continued throughout the day making me feel quite miserable really. Feeling run-down with a cold just made things seem all the worse.

I’m doing 40 Acts for Lent so I receive an email every day with challenges to encourage you to act generously. So far I’ve surprised a friend with flowers, chatted to a neighbour I don’t normally speak to, and written a list of people I want to encourage. Today I was challenged to think of something to be thankful for and tweet it with the hashtag #thankyou.

I was awoken at a reasonable hour by the tiddler and was really happy that she’d slept through the night after an unsettled few nights of cough and cold disturbing her (and our) sleep. So I tweeted “A full night’s sleep! 😀 #thankyou”. The day started on a really positive note and I even had the day off work and my husband took the tiddler into the childminders’ for the morning. I enjoyed an extra hour in bed, had a leisurely shower and got some housework done before picking up the tiddler. Life seems great when things go well.

Then the stream of minor mishaps began…

I had a battle to get the tiddler in the car seat as she’d just spotted her favourite bike just as I needed to leave…

The baby shower hamper basket had to go in the pram as I couldn’t carry it so the tiddler had to walk…

Tiddler tried to run off and would not hold my hand…

There was a near gale-force wind as I battled to carry tiddler and push pram from car park to my workplace…

Had to put tiddler down to push pram and she tried to run away, tripped and grazedpulling-hair-out-funny-woman-pulling-hair-out knee…

Carried on trying to carry screaming and wriggling tiddler whilst pushing pram…

Went to change pooey nappy and there were no wipes left in bag…

Nappy wasn’t on properly so poo leaked onto vest…

Major overtired battle into car seat after the party…

Struggled to fold new pushchair as the tiddler sat screaming in the car…

Tiddler woke up and we attempted the supermarket shop…

Something was up as she wouldn’t sit in trolley seat despite bribes of food, drink or peppa pig…

Proceeded to scream up and down 2 aisles…

Gave up after failing to console with a desperate attempt of rice cakes off the shelf which she threw on the floor…

Purchased 2 unwanted items, neither of which were on my list, both of which were desperate failed tiddler bribes…

Sat in supermarket baby feeding room to cry and calm us both down as I couldn’t face venturing out for another car seat battle…

I got home feeling utterly miserable and down in the dumps. I calmed her (and me!) down with the TV, some calpol and gave her her favourite snacks… a chopped up pear and a couple of apple pieces. She perked up and was soon all giggles, cuddles and giving me big sloppy kisses and the stress and frustration of the day started to fade a bit. I started thinking I should be thankful for all the things that went well today!

The morning was lovely…

The tiddler was on top form happily playing at the baby shower and was a delight…

The heavy rain stopped just before we left the baby shower…

She fell asleep within 20 seconds of getting in the car and did a good long nap whilst I snoozed (parked up!!)…

I saved lots of money by not finishing the supermarket shop as my husband was a star finishing the shop after work (he sticks to the list!)…

All of my tea was eaten without any fussing…

I’m blessed to have a beautiful daughter and shouldn’t get so frustrated when she’s feeling under the weather…

My husband is an amazing support when I have bad days and puts up with my rants and takes over bedtime so I can breathe…be thankful

So all in all I have a lot to be thankful for and on a seemingly bad day I have learnt I should focus on the positive things, and when I sit down and breathe and relax there is actually lots to be thankful for. Now I better quickly press publish before she wakes and I take it all back!!!!

Christening Day Poem

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I was very very excited and honoured to be asked to be Godmother for my friend’s baby. I’ve known the baby’s mum since University and we lived together and trained together for a few years. We stayed in touch with the same group of girlfriends and then were pregnant together! My Goddaughter was born 5 months after my daughter and it’s been a lovely time being able to watch our babies grow, go for pram walks, take them to baby groups and enjoy being mummy’s together. I hope our daughters (now ‘Godsisters!’) will grow up to be really great friends.

As her Christening Day approaches I wanted to do something special for her. I know she’ll receive lots of thoughtful presents from family and friends and I’ve been trying to decide what I could give her. I decided on a sterling silver cross necklace, child size, that she can wear when she’s old enough for jewelry. Then on Saturday morning, my husband got up with the tiddler and let me have a ‘lie in’. However my mind wouldn’t rest to go back to sleep and I was buzzing with ideas of what else I could give her and randomly decided to write a poem. I don’t really DO writing poems. I’m not very good at getting words to rhyme (as you’ll soon see) and I know you can write poems without rhyming but mine always sounded a bit naff. Anyway I just suddenly got a flow of words and over the following half hour when I should have been catching up on sleep, this poem came together:


Your Christening Day is here,

We are all in good cheer.

To celebrate God’s blessing,

As the church bells ring.


You arrived to us a year ago

And brought us all great joy.

With your tiny fingers and tiny toes

The miracle of new life you showed.


Your parents are so proud

So they’ve gathered us all around

To see how much you’ve grown

To see God’s goodness shown.


We love it when you quiver in excitement

Even if the reason is non-existent

We laugh out loud as you dance with your hands

You sometimes look cheeky as if concocting plans.


As I become your Godmother today

I want to be there for you every day.

To show you how much God cares

Your problems with Him you can share.

Copyright Tiddler Tales.