Leftover Gravy Pasta Sauce

At tea time tonight I needed a quick tea for my family of 5. We had sausages that needed eating and gravy sauce, which was actually juices from the slow cooker beef stew I’d made at the weekend. I didn’t have any potatoes to do the obvious bangers and mash so decided to do sausage pasta. At first I wasn’t sure how the gravy would fit into this so just decided to experiment. I was pretty pleased with the results and there were clean plates all round so I thought I’d share!

1) Cooked pasta bows

2) Cooked sausages on grilling machine

3) Fried a courgette and leek, chopped into small pieces

4) Heated leftover gravy in a pan and added basil, tomato puree, a tin of tomatoes and Worcester sauce.

5) At this point if it seems really runny just stir in a bit of flour or cornflour but I found the puree, tomatoes and veg made it just the right consistency.

5) Add fried courgette and leek to the sauce, stir, then pour over the cooked, drained pasta.

6) Chop up sausages and stir in.

7) Serve with a sprinkling of Parmesan!

Whilst tea was cooking, my eldest painted a dried pasta bow and pretended if was a butterfly!

Let me know if you have an queries or how you found this when you tried it!

Top 4 affordable Christmas gifts for 4 year olds

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Your 4 year old may have very specific tastes and likes or dislikes, but there are certain presents which won’t break the bank and which I believe all kids of this age will love.

Here are some ideas for Christmas 2017:

2 Wheel Scooter

Generally at this age they are progressing from a 3 wheel to a 2 wheel and there’s lots of different brands out there from My little pony to Paw patrol. My little girl loves riding to and from preschool on hers and it saves a lot of time; I can hardly keep up. A foldable scooter is very handy for when they suddenly decide they’ve had enough… inevitable when you’re still a long way from home!

All Set for Preschool

Magnetic 1st calendar: English and Spanish

My 4 year old has started wanting to know what’s happening each day, what day of the week it is and seems to be getting a general understanding of months. I felt at this age a calender helps them to know what’s going on and understand months and seasons too. I’m going to get this calender for my daughter for Christmas as it also shows the words in Spanish, which is the language they teach at our local primary school too so it should be useful for years to come! You can also buy these calenders in English only; available in blue or pink.

Little Live Talking Bird

Little Live Bird and Cage

This interactive bird has given my little girl hours of amusement. Suitable for both boys and girls, they can press the button to record their voice and it plays back in a funny parrot style pitch. The cage has space for 2 birds so they can collect a second as well as the other pets in the Little Live range.

As well as the recordings, the birds also have set tweeting songs and phrases which will amuse you little ones.

Tell the Time Wooden Clock

Whether they’ve already started school or not, over the next year teaching them to tell the time in a fun way will be a vital skill. You can play together with this clock and teach them as you play!

Best Buys for Newborn Twins

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If you’re expecting twins, you can lighten the load by getting prepared. Aside from getting 2 of most things, I found a few products which may help you in the first few months or years.

Uppa Baby Vista 2015 with buggy board

Double buggy – the obvious one, however the hardest choice to make. There are so many makes and models, side by side or tandem. The most popular double buggies out there are the Bugaboo Donkey, the Mountain Buggy Duet, and the Uppa Baby Vista to name just a few. I chose the Uppa Baby Vista as most of the side by side prams wouldn’t fit through our front door and it’s been a fantastic pram. We used the carrycots downstairs for day and night sleeping so they got alot of use and it was so handy being able to lift the Maxicosi car seats on and off. I’ve now also got a second hand Baby City Jogger which I bought for our hols to Crete but now lives in the car boot. This saves setting the Uppa Baby up and down and lifting it in and out of the car.

Changing table downstairs – I didn’t need this with my first singleton but this has been a MUST with the twins for the first 15 months, at which point it became a dangerous climbing frame and had to go! It helped to store all the nappy changing essentials and spare clothes downstairs without leaving the other baby unattended. When they get on the move its also handy to change them higher up out of reach of their twin who might try and steal your wipes, run off with the nappy, eat the poo and other monkey business they get up to!!

Swivel bath seats – the stage when they first start sitting before being fully independent is difficult and requires many pairs of hands in the bath. I always do bath time with my husband but even so it was so much less stressful to know they weren’t going to topple backwards or even try and climb out when they got on the move. This freed one of us up to organise things for bedtime or do something as luxurious as go to the loo! The only downside is sometimes it was awkward getting them in/out of the seats and needed the 2 of us but worth it even for the short period we used them.

Bouncy chairs… LOTS! – you can’t really have too many of these. I think we had 4. Keeping some upstairs is handy if you need somewhere to safely put them whilst settling or changing the other baby or getting dressed or even having a shower yourself if you’re lucky enough!) We also bought a rocking swing seat which helped settle one of the twins. After a few weeks when we started the night shifts my husband would place them in the bouncy chairs and sit crossed legged in front of them to do the bottle feed.

Mastering tandem feeding with the Harmony Duo Feeding Cushion

Harmony duo feeding cushion – this was an essential for tandem breastfeeding but it’s also useful for propping up the babies to bottle feed. Look around at other pillows though as well, as there’s a great range out there like the Peanut and Piglet and the Twin Z cushion. Don’t worry about the price for short term use as they maintain good value on the second hand market.

Baby monitor with 2 cameras – we used, and would recommend, the Motorola MBP36s. The sound and picture quality are both fantastic and you have the option of adding a second camera. This has come in really useful for the nights when we’ve had to separate them (we keep a travel cot in the spare office room) and also when we’ve been away and found it easier to sleep them in separate rooms.

Moses basket with rocking stand x2 – Many people, myself included, stress about what to buy before the baby arrives, not knowing how or where they’ll sleep best. I’d suggest just getting 2 Moses baskets with rocking stands and then even if you end up getting a co sleeping set up (a next to me crib or cot up to side of bed) you may still use them downstairs. We used 2 Moses baskets upstairs and used the pram carrycots downstairs with stands (these were designed for overnight sleeping). Saying that, mine loved to snuggle together in the same moses basket or carrycot for the first few weeks which was adorable!

There are so many baby gadgets out there it can get overwhelming and when the babies arrive you’ll be tempted to buy everything under the sun to make life easier and help them to sleep. Try not to think you’ve got to get everything before the babies arrive and just wait and see how your babies respond and settle. Just play it by ear a little bit and don’t forget you can always do online next day delivery once they’re born for anything you missed.

This is only a list of the things that helped us and of course all babies are different so please add a comment if you bought anything for your twins you couldn’t have coped without!

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Survival Tips for Newborn Twin Parents

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I’m now 17 months into this crazy journey of mum-to-3 with twin boys and a now 4 year old girl. If we thought it was a huge shock to the system to be told we were having twins it was an even bigger life changing event when they finally arrived. This is the first blog I’ve written since they were born which says it all!

We had a 2.5 year old girl and life had been starting to resemble some normality. We had (mostly) full nights sleeps, we didn’t deal with nappies anymore and felt a bit freer getting out and about without prams or changing bags. I knew it was going to be tough when the twins arrived but there were parts I didn’t expect to be so mentally challenging. Don’t get me wrong, I feel completely blessed to have 2 gorgeous little boys but I feel the need to share the things I learnt in the first year.

Settled well swaddled and sleeping next to each other

  • Don’t be too proud or polite to accept help – we had so much support in the early days of people offering to cook, wash clothes, come and hold a baby (you need all the extra pairs of hands you can get) Just say yes and if, God forbid, noone offers then ask. I learnt to just pick up the phone and ask people to come help me. There will be people out there willing to help but they may need you to say how, where or when as they won’t want to ‘bother’ you. Don’t wait until you’re at breaking point.
  • Take on board advice but then use your head and trust your instincts – For example on leaving hospital we were told not to swaddle or sleep twins together. The reasoning is to do with overheating and increased SIDS risk. After 2, nearly 3, awful sleepless nights trying to settle the new babies separately and falling asleep dangerously with them on our chests, I decided to learn by example. The first night in the hospital when left to deal with 2 babies on my own after the trauma of giving birth (twice) I finally cracked and burst into tears at 3am when failing to settle them. They took them away, I fell asleep and they brought them back asleep; swaddled and snuggled together in the same cot. It was the only way they would settle. Once home and again failing to get them to settle apart trying to follow the advice, I decided to sleep them together. This was the best thing we did in the early days. They settled so well and we just used 1 less layer and checked their core temperature to avoid the risk of overheating.
  • Leave the housework – if you’re houseproud then this is going to be a tough one. Seriously, it can wait. Get someone else to clean the essentials for hygiene if you can but everything else can wait. Life feels relentless for a while but just rest when they’re sleeping (if they sleep at the same time and you don’t have other young children to entertain!)
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – I think I put pressure on myself and was wracked with guilt that I suddenly had practically zero time for my 2 year old. When the twins were sleeping (when they actually slept at the same time!) all I wanted to do was crash out. I felt guilty that I didn’t want to play with her, I just wanted to sleep. Guilty that I shouted at her when I was feeling pressured and sleep deprived. Guilty that I was too busy and all I heard myself saying was “in a minute, just go and play”. I found it helped just a few times a week having people over with kids would help to keep her entertained or asking a friend to take her somewhere fun.
  • Invest in a good, easy to use sling or wrap – I didn’t really use them with my singleton but with 2 babies you’re outnumbered when you’re alone. 2 hands, 2 newborns doesn’t leave much free to do anything else, especially in those fussy periods. I used the Caboo wrap (UK: http://amzn.to/2AiSKqh / US: http://amzn.to/2ixZ1qa) which was quick and easy to use and gave me hands free to hold the other baby too. Others in my twin group have used the twingaroo sling to carry both. I found that time between 4pm and 6pm to be the hardest especially when trying to make tea and counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until my husband arrived home!

    Proud big sis

  • Do night shifts with your partner -on returning home from hospital with 2 day old twins we looked after them together day and night. 2 of them, 2 of us…we were both pretty occupied most of the time. I breastfed them but struggled to tandem feed initially so my husband would be settling, nappy changing and we were both just up and down all night with very little broken sleep. As soon as we decided we could cope with both of them, we switched to doing shifts in the night and this was the best decision ever. Even though it was tough feeding and settling them both on your own in the night we coped knowing we had a solid block of undisturbed, much needed sleep. This literally saved our sanity.
  • Don’t compete over who is more tired!! – this is so easy to do, you’re both sleep deprived. It’s easy to become jealous or bitter if you think the other one is getting more sleep, getting more of a break etc. The fact is you’ll both have different pressures to face. Be open in your communication if either of you feel you need more help or don’t feel appreciated. Don’t assume they know how you feel!

In the first few months of looking after our newborn twins we learnt so much about reliance on other people, working together as a couple, and through all the tough times we’ve absolutely loved watching our little boys grow and develop and seeing their proud big sister playing, mothering and now discipling them! The newborn days seem like such a distant haze, yet in the grand scheme of things 17 months is no time at all. As everyone says, it really does fly by and one day you’ll look back on all the cute photos and the struggles and sleep deprivation will be (mostly) forgotten.


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Top 10 Cute Tiddler Moments: 20 months

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This post started as a ‘Top 3’ post then quickly became ‘Top 5’ then the more I thought back on the past few weeks I realised there were easily at least top 10 moments where I’ve laughed and my heart melted at how cute this tiddler can be. So these are her top 10 cute moments aged 20 months:

1) Coming across a tiny dog in the park she bent down and said “Hello doggie” as she usually does… but then looked confused for a moment then said “hello mouse!”

2) She spilt her morning milk on her Peppa Pig pyjamas and wiped her top saying “Sorry Peppa”.

3) I was trying on a dress for a friend’s wedding and she just looked up at me and said “pretty mummy” #heartmeltmoment

4) Gently putting her dolly in her pushchair and pushing it forwards and backwards with a finger on the lips “ssshhh”.

5) Leaning into the pram to look at my friend’s baby and stroked his hair saying “hello gorgeous!”


6) Reaching to hold hands with her friend as we walked through the park.

7) Everytime she farts she says “excuse you!”

8) When we sneeze she says “bless you mummy / daddy / [insert name of person here]!”

9) A couple of weeks ago she grazed her knees and at every bath time for the following week she would kiss her knees better.

10) One bedtime staying at my parents’ house she was too excitable to sleep so I ended up lying next to her cot singing and had to stop myself giggling when she was holding up her monkey to the side of the cot going “peepo peepo!!!”

What has been the cutest thing your tiddler has done this week?

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These are a few of my Favourite Things…

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… are probably not on the list of my tiddler’s favourite things.

I feel like I’ve been writing too many negative things recently about things that wind me up and my mummy fails so here’s a more positive look into the life of my 1-and-a-half year old cutie. As well as “mine” and “no”, one of her most used words is also “wow!!” It still amazes me and brings a huge smile to my face seeing her delight at the simplest of things in the world around us that, as adults, simply just don’t impress anymore.

These are a few of my tiddlers favorite things:


Love how fish are greeted with a “wow”… I feel no need to pay lots to take my tiddler to an aquarium when she is frankly in awe of fish in a pet shop. The World Museum in Liverpool was a good trip too as it’s free and has a small aquarium on one of the floors. Having said that, this photo was taken when we went to the SeaLife Centre for my Goddaughter’s 1st birthday. I must admit it was amazing and they all loved it!

Mr ‘Bubble’ (aka Tumble!)

Her face lights up and she sings along to the theme tune in her own babbling way with the odd recognisable word thrown in when she can. She loves carrying round her spotty bag filled with more of her favourite things.


In the language of Peppa Pig’s brother, George, she excitedly shouts “Dine-saur” when she sees a Dinosaur. We recently went to the Natural History Museum in London and she nearly fell over backwards looking up in awe at the huge skeleton in the entrance hall. It was brilliant seeing her running into the entrance shouting “WOW!!! DINE-SAUR, DINE-SAUR!!!” Must make the most of this before the ‘I’m-too-cool-for-this-crap-boring-museum’ teenage years.

Playing Mummy


Feeding my baba

The most played-with toy she received for Christmas when she was 15 months old has got to be her Dolly, or “baba” as she calls it. I already love her so much but when I see her affection towards her “baba” I think I love her even more! She puts her dolly into her highchair and feeds it with a spoon (don’t need to spend money on special dolly highchairs!!) and plants loving kisses on her lips. She amazes me with her insight into looking after a baby when she puts the dolly into her pram in the hallway, covers it with a blanket and rocks it forwards and backwards saying “sshhh, sshhh, sshhh”.

The other day I heard her in the kitchen saying “oh dear baba, oh dear” again and again and went in to find the dolly had fallen out of her toy pushchair and was face down on the floor. I imagine you’d panic if you had a newborn and heard “oh dear baba” coming from the other room!!

Dancing with the Tombliboos

Every evening before bed we watch In The Night Garden and her most favourite part which has her abandoning her milk and leaping off the sofa is when the Tombliboos do their dance. She makes us laugh as she sways side to side, stamping her feet and turning round in circles. Yesterday she grabbed both of my hands to pull me off the sofa saying “dance” and we danced around the room in fits of giggles! So much for winding down before bed eh?


This is a new game and now she can say “horsie” she accompanies the word by climbing onto our backs and giggles as we ride her around the house. It’s funny when she wants to play at an inappropriate time though, like in the middle of story telling at the local library!

So those are a few of my tiddler’s favourite things. There are so many things that amaze her and I know I must enjoy this young, innocent age as they grow up so fast. She inspires me every day to look at the world around me in a new way. I’d never normally notice a little ladybird on a leaf as I rush about my day and it’s no bad thing being made to slow down and notice the little details.


Carrying my Mr Tumble Spotty Bag

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Tips for Toddlers: How to excite your boring parents!

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Sometimes adults can be sooo boring, they use this boring adult language and look bored most of the time. Here are 5 tips to get your mummy or daddy to be exciting! Trust me it’s fool proof… Their voices become loud and high pitched, they pull funny faces and sometimes even jump around!

Tip #1

Pretend to be completely disgusted by any food you are presented with (screw up face, spit out food, throw it on the floor or wipe on nearest furnishing). Just when your adult is starting to get excited they may then give up and eat your food themselves. At this point decide you want the food then shout “more” when it’s all gone!

Tip #2

If your parent tries to put you to sleep in the cot DO NOT lie down. If you scream and shout loudly enough they will eventually get excited and then bring you back down to play some more!

Tip #3

They will try to put clothes on you at certain times of the day and then sometimes try to take them off again. This makes no sense and if you let them get away with it they won’t become excited and playful. They may put trousers on you in the morning and then at regular intervals throughout the day they will lie you down to take them off again! Maybe you could try refusing to put on your dressing gown in the morning but when they want to put your coat on you, only allow your dressing gown to be put on. This will cause an excited parent.

Tip #4

Lie placidly and serenly on the changing mat to lull your boring parent into a false sense of security. Wait until the moment when the nappy has been removed and they turn away to reach for the wipes. At this point quickly roll over and crawl away. The parent will become extra excited if you a) do a poo poo first b) stick your foot in the poo c) crawl away with pooey bottom in the air and turn to sit on the carpet / sofa / other soft furnishing.

Tip #5

Your mummy and daddy can sometimes be especially boring first thing in the morning. They need a bit of help waking up and you can help them become excited. Use the above tips when they try and change your nappy, get you dressed and feed you breakfast. In addition when they’re rushing to get you in the car seat or pushchair you could try adopting the plank position. Brace yourself as straight as possible and have fun as they become really excited!!


If you have any more tips for how to make your boring parents into excitable play mates then please share with us in the comments or on twitter @tiddlertales.

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My Top 10 Mummy Fails

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*No tiddlers were harmed (permanently) in the making of this post*

We’ve all had those moments. You doubt yourself as a parent. You feel sorry for your baby that had no say in the matter. Most of all you wonder whether you’re really fit to be responsible for someone so fragile and vunerable. Fortunately though when you chat to other parents you realise it’s not just you and that in fact everyone of us has had those moments. Just to make you all feel better here are my top 10 ‘Mummy Fails’. There have been many more I’m sure over the past 17 months that I’ve been parenting, but these are the ones that I haven’t blocked out of my memory for good.

So in order of severity, starting with the not-so-bad and ending with a corker that nearly had us calling the fire brigade!

Mummy Fail #10) Forgetting Nappies


Always carry a spare!

This is something that everyone will probably do at some point in their parenting lives… or maybe not. I got ready for our day out saying to myself “must refill the changing bag, must refill the changing bag….” in a kind of mantra fashion as I dashed around the house getting food for lunch, snacks, a change of clothes, a bottle of water, a book and a toy in case she gets bored in the car, a present for the birthday girl, hat and gloves, winter coat etc etc. I left the house and arrived at our destination without said nappies. Oops! Fortunately I wasn’t in the middle of nowhere and we promptly made a trip to the nearest shop to buy (very expensive!) nappies. D’oh!

Mummy Fail #9) Stranded Without Snacks


More Changing Bag Essentials

Snacks. They are every parent’s must have. It makes the day bearable, whether it’s a healthy pot of grapes or a quick-grab bag of rice cakes or the dreaded raisins that seem to make it into every nook and cranny of the car and pram. I never, ever leave the house without them… except when I do. Well… I only did it once and NEVER AGAIN!!

Mummy Fail #8) Forgetting to Change Nappy

I got home from the supermarket, quite pleased with myself that we’d managed to get round without any meltdowns and I’d got everything we needed for a change. Then I noticed the big wet patch… oh… her nappy that I put on 5 hours ago was a tad full. Oops! Felt quite bad but very lucky she hadn’t wet whilst we were out (sure I’ve got all that to come though when potty training).

Mummy Fail #7) Napping with a Musical Christmas Jumper


Offending Musical Christmas Jumper

This was a bad bad bad mistake. Our tiddler had been settling well for naps in the cot at the start of December after a few battles. That day she was wearing a Christmas jumper with a reindeer on the front. If you pressed the reindeer’s nose it played Jingle Bells. Unfortunately as she rolled onto her front the nose pressed and she was jolted awake to sound of Christmas tunes! She doesn’t resettle well if she wakes and this was one of those moments… I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time!!  This was a big nap #FAIL and the next hour was spent trying to get her back to sleep!

Mummy fail #6) Choking on a Letter

When my tiddler was 7 months old she wasn’t yet crawling but was just starting to turn on the spot and shuffle a little bit. I needed the toilet so set her up with a few toys around her. I wasn’t gone long and came back in to find her gagging and seemingly choking on something. As I hastily picked her up she promptly wretched and puked up her entire stomach contents including the offending chunk of paper. I had just opened my post and she had managed to reach the letter and chew a bit of paper off the corner.

Mummy fail #5) Distracted by Cup of Tea

There have been a few face planting moments in my tiddler’s development as she learnt to sit up by herself and crawl. This one, however, was well and truly my fault. My tiddler was 4 months old and I was at a baby group. I was sitting behind her as she was just starting to sit unaided for a few seconds at a time. She was doing quite well and someone tapped me on the shoulder to offer me a cup of tea. I turned around and got involved in a conversation over whether I wanted sugar, milk etc. when suddenly I was interrupted by shrill screams. My poor baby was face down on the hard wooden floor having fallen over sideways and missed the rug. She recovered fairly quickly and just sported a red mark on her forehead for the rest of the day just to remind me of my lapse of concentration.

Mummy Fail #4) Bedtime Fail

After a busy weekend away and travelling back up north at bedtime my then 3 month old struggled to transfer from the car into her cot. After we’d tried for a while to settle her I ended up pacing up and down the nursery in the dark until FINALLY the screams died down and she fell asleep in my arms. I waited a while before putting her in the cot but as I turned round I walked right into the Jumperoo which set off the music loudly playing the lively tune which sure enough woke her again!!! Frustrated doesn’t quite do justice to how I felt as I started back at square one trying to settle one extremely over-tired baby. I learnt from that to turn the Jumperoo fully off before bedtime!!

Mummy Fail #3) Letting my Phone Near the Bath

My tiddler, like many others, loves my phone. After all, a few presses of the screen and her beloved Peppa appears! The other day I made the mistake of letting her take hold of it as I was filling up the bath. She often throws her bath toys into the bath and decided to throw my phone in. She probably didn’t have a clue why I reacted the way I did but fortunately after an evening with the battery out drying over a radiator it survived the ordeal.

Mummy Fail #2) Misjudging the Cot

We went through a bad patch recently when my tiddler was teething and struggling to settle at bedtime. One night, after leaving her to cry and going in and out of her room, it got to the point where I ended up rocking her. I usually keep the landing light on and the door partially open but the doorstop moved and I was plunged into pitch blackness. I settled her in my arms and as I put her in the cot I misjudged where the end was and her head hit the wooden headboard. The screams hit the roof and that was the end of my tether so and I handed her over to my husband and left the room to calm down.

Mummy Fail #1) Toilet Seat Stuck

Last weekend saw the biggest ever mummy fail which inspired this blog post. We have a trainer toilet seat which we bought a bit prematurely as it was on offer but she likes to sit on it on the floor when I sit on the toilet. Anyway, on Sunday I saw her playing with the toilet seat and putting it on her head like a hat but I was in the middle of doing something in the kitchen and I knew the seat was clean as she doesn’t actually use it yet. Suddenly she started whining and fussing and the seat was over her head and round her neck! She was starting to panic and cry, trying to pull it off her head. I just thought, well it went on, it must come off right? Not so easily! I started to fret as I pulled at the toilet seat and pressed in her ears trying to pull the darn thing off and it would. not. budge.

My husband was upstairs having a nap and was awoken to me running up the stairs shouting “Help! The toilet seat’s stuck on her head!!” I ran into the bedroom carrying a distressed tiddler with toilet seat attached and together we attempted to prise it off her head. So many thoughts went through my head: “What if we can’t get it off?”; “If we have to take her somewhere to get it taken off she wouldn’t fit in the car seat with a toilet seat round her head!”; “Do we call 999 to get the fire brigade to cut it off?”.


The toilet seat that was stuck over her head.

Suddenly I had a light bulb moment! I got the baby oil which was bought when I was pregnant as one of the must-have baby essentials and then stood unopened on the shelf… maybe it was waiting for this moment? After covering her hair with oil the seat finally worked its way off. Tears poured down her face and I cuddled her tightly vowing never to let her play with that toilet seat again!!

As I told my friends about this incident, who found it partly hilarious, I was gutted I didn’t take a photo and relieved to discover we were’t the only ones. My friend sent this link she’d seen and the incident happened the same day as us!!


So there are my Top 10 #mummyfails. I’ve learnt from each and every one but am sure I will keep making mistakes. Some things are inevitable mishaps, some are things we really should know better about but they really don’t make us bad parents. We are pushed to limit, made to multitask on a daily basis, and often quite sleep deprived so I challenge anyone to say they’ve never had a parent fail moment.

Have you had any big oops moments? I’d love to hear any mummyfails or parentfails you’ve had with your tiddlers! Comment below or tweet me @tiddlertales. 😀
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From the Mouths of Tiddlers 2

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So I thought I would end up writing this monthly but new words are just spouting out of my tiddlers mouth at an almost daily rate so this second post has been brought forward. I link up with Louise George’s post ‘From the Mouths of Babes’ on her blog Little Hearts, Big Love.

My tiddler is now 16.5 months and becoming more and more apt at communicating through verbal and non verbal signs and whines! There are still many moments of frustration as we struggle to understand her, but it’s amazing seeing her speech develop. The top 5 words and phrases that have developed in the past fortnight are…

1) “Nak Nak”  This is quite cute as she climbs the stairs to bed saying her version of ‘night night’ whilst waving to downstairs.

2) “boooooooccchhhhjjjkkkkk” For those who can’t read Scouse, this is ‘book’ with a very back of the throat prolonged ending. This is pretty amusing as neither my husband or I are scouse, however we live in Liverpool and she spends 3 days a week with scouse childminders so this accent is inevitable!

3) “Thank you”  The tiddler suddenly said this so clearly a few days ago as I passed her a cup of water and I was amazed! She has since said it a few times and it makes me so happy that she seems to have some manners! Yay! I’m not a rubbish parent! I find it funny that she says this though as I’d been saying ‘Ta’ to her as I thought this might be easier for her to say.

4) “ere y’are” Said whilst passing things to us… which she loves to do! At bedtime she wants us to read a book whilst she reads a (different) book… or should I say ‘boooooooccchhhhjjjkkkkk’ and she just generally likes handing us various toys, items from the bedside table, all the pieces of tomato from her tea because she doesn’t like it, basically anything. Maybe just so she can practise saying it. It’s also a phrase I wouldn’t normally say… I would say “there you go” but realised it’s origin when I picked her up after work the other day and her childminder handed me her changing bag: “ere y’are!” she said.

5) “Bewwa” ….her name, which is actually Bella (Isabella in full) but she struggles with double ‘l’.

There have also been developments in her singing and during ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ song she now says “swish swish swish” for the wipers with a wave of her arms and “wahh wahh wahh” for the baby and “chat chat chat” for the mummys. During ‘Row row row your boat’ she used to only say “Row Row” but this past week has started trying to say ‘merrily merrily’ which actually sounds more like ‘mewwawe mewwawe’. But STILL no ‘mummy’… I did get called ‘daddy’ the other day when we were swimming with my mum and I appeared from under the water in front of her and she pointed at me and squeeled “daddy!!!!” with excitement! I had to dampen her excitement by correcting her that I was not in fact the parent of the male gender. I do try and get this word into her vocabularly daily. Maybe on the next update she’ll be saying “mummy”!

Little Hearts, Big Love


10 signs you’re a Mummy to a Toddler at Christmas

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1) Shopping for no reason

You hang out at the local garden centre just so you can entertain your toddler with the sparkling Christmas tree lights and baubles, and have a vain hope that you might bump into Father Christmas on his lunch break so you don’t have to pay for the privilege… let’s be honest, we’d love our tiddlers to see Father Christmas but the likelihood of them actually sitting on his lap and giving their cutest smile is virtually nil… instead you’re more likely to end up paying £6.99 for an awful blurry photo while your tiddler screams and fights to run away from the scary man with the big white beard!

2) No need to hide the presents

Up until the age of about 2, maybe even 3, you can probably get away with being blasé about their presents lying about the house in an unwrapped state. I wrapped my 1 year old daughter’s Christmas presents in front of her while she ate her tea thinking this is probably the last time before she becomes more aware of the concept of presents. It does make the whole concept of giving presents a bit of a farce at this age, if she went the whole day without a single present she probably wouldn’t notice! At least this year she’ll actually be able to open her own presents – last year we opened her presents while she was fast asleep! I’m looking forward to seeing her face this year as she opens up her presents.

3) Worry about napping amidst excitement

It’s always an exciting time of year, especially when you add in travelling, meeting hoards of family, unwrapping presents. Amidst all of that you then have the joyful task of winding down your over-stimulated toddler for a nap, usually in a loud house full of other excitable adults and children running around! You know if they don’t have the nap (or naps!) they need then things will become very hard work… you step into the overtired, over-stimulated realm of tears and tantrums, making teatime and then bedtime pretty hard work! That window of opportunity is easily missed when there’s so much going on so this year I’ll need to clock-watch a bit more.

4) “Let’s just buy for the kids”

Cutting down on the number of presents to buy becomes even more important when children come into the picture and you potentially have a reduced income, expensive childcare to pay for, and obviously an extra little person to shower with gifts. This phrase “let’s just buy for the kids” is commonly said among friends you once swapped presents with who have now also got little tiddlers themselves.

5) Holidays catching up with your mat leave friends

Maternity leave can be a time of great change… you welcome a new gorgeous little baby into the world and your whole world is turned upside down. There are so many new things to understand and deal with and one thing I found really helpful was the support from other mums at the local baby and toddler groups. There were a couple of groups I attended weekly and I became quite close to a few other mums with babies at a similar age who were going through similar challenges. We met up outside of the groups too, having coffee at each others’ houses or going for walks in the park. It was really sad when the time came for us to go back to work, some part-time, others full-time and our days off no longer overlapped. As well as seeing family this Christmas time I now also look forward to catching up with mat leave friends and seeing our tiddlers playing together.

6) Bare patch at the bottom of the tree

We braved putting a tree up this year although it is a fake one so at least there’re no pine needles for the tiddler to eat! We put the glass and other precious decorations on the higher branches and the rest lower down. For the first few days she showed a lot of interest in the tree. She loved looking at herself in the shiny baubles, tapping them and of course pulling them right off. There’s now a bare patch at the bottom!

7) All I want for Christmas is a lie in

Pre-baby I used to look forward to the Christmas holidays for a chance to put my feet up and have a long lie in every morning. Now I look forward to seeing my tiddler’s face when she opens her presents, seeing her running around playing and giggling with her cousins, and seeing the look of delight on her face at the twinkling Christmas lights. How can you tell there’s a BUT coming? I’d love just one lie in please Father Christmas. It’s top of my wish list so hopefully I’ll stay snuggly and warm in bed one morning while the family entertain the tiddler.

8) Wish list includes toddler recipe books

Second on my wishlist is Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes by Annabel Karmel. I’m always running out of ideas of quick meals that she’ll enjoy. I seem to get stuck circling the same old meals… usually spag bol, scrambled egg, toast, and soups. I don’t usually have much time to prepare meals for her as during the day we’re out and about at baby groups, doing the weekly shop or visiting friends and by the time we come home for meals I’ve got a hungry tiddler clinging to my leg wanting me to whip up a tasty meal NOW! Don’t worry though, I’ve also asked for some non-child-related presents like music, a new pair of boots, and jewelry.

9) You write multiple cards to the same person

This really only applies to family members. I saw a cute ‘to my wonderful grandparents’ card and decided our tiddler should send this. I even gave her a pen and let her scrawl all over the inside as her signature. It’s all a bit silly really, she didn’t have the thought to send them a card and they know she’s too young at 15 months to know what she was scribbling on but it’s the cute gesture I suppose. We then wrote another card from ourselves although really both were bought and sent by us! The same happens at birthdays. It will be nice when one day she can write her own card and thoughtful message but until then we’ll just play pretend.

10) No-one else is on your routine

Christmas for us is usually spent with the rest of the family and there ends up being multiple sittings at meal times. The tiddlers are starving by 12pm so need lunch straight after church on Christmas day. They can’t wait til we all sit down for the Christmas meal at 2pm as there’ll be hysterics, plus my tiddler is shattered by half 12 so will probably be fast asleep when we’re all eating! The kids will then need tea between 5 and 6 before bath and bed at 7pm (if we’re lucky) but the adults are usually too stuffed from the Christmas roast so there’ll then be another sitting after the kids have gone to bed… phew! You can’t expect a little tiddler to change routine though, when they’re hungry we sure know about it!!!