More than just shy behaviour

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Earlier this year we had to deal with an issue. Something that was making our 3 year old girl unhappy and very very lonely. On paper it sounds silly and almost laughable, but when you’re the parent seeing your child miserable and unhappy it can cut you up.

In January our 3 year old started at a new nursery. This was a big change and she took a long time to adjust. It was awful leaving her screaming on the doorstep, looking through the window at pick to see her walking around the garden on her own, or stood looking on instead of joining in.

Every day she would tentatively ask “what are we doing today?”. I would brace myself for the inevitable crying and tantrums when we told her she was going to nursery. Often we would avoid the question until she was dressed and had breakfast. On her days off you could see the relief on her face that she was staying at home.

We spoke to the nursery teachers who said she was “fine, but very quiet”. She just didn’t seem to play with anyone and definitely wasn’t “fine”.

I felt like an awful mother forcing her to go. I stuck with it, all the time telling myself she would soon adjust. As the months past, so did our patience. We got so frustrated over these ongoing tantrums.

I talked to her about trying to just speak to one other child and join in a game. I said how I wanted her to be happy and have fun and play and make friends. I said I understood it was all new and different but that she had been going a while now and we couldn’t deal with these tantrums every.single.time. I think she had started playing relatively ok there but the dreadful drop offs had almost become a habit.

She told me she missed her friends at the childminder. She told me she already had a best friend Jess and seemed to think by making new friends Jess would no longer be her best friend and would be replaced.

That was the deal breaker. We had finally got deep into the crazy, illogical mind of a toddler.

Over the course of the next few weeks me and my husband both made time away from the twins to chat to her. We talked about having more than one friend. We showed her all of our friends and talked about how nice it was to play with a few different people. If one wasn’t there or was poorly, you could play with the others; and you could all play a big game together. I explained that her BFF was going to school and making other friends too but it didn’t mean they couldn’t meet up and play and have sleepovers together.

(We may have also bribed her with a toy of her choice if she got enough stickers each time she didn’t make a fuss going into nursery)

Most importantly I noticed a big change in how she started to settle and make friends. She would talk about the other children, she invited some of them to her 4th birthday party and now when I peer through the window before picking her up I see my smiley, friendly, bright little girl with her new friends.

My crazy wacky happy little bubble of fun (and me)

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My Sunday Photo

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Funniest moment of our Sunday trip to Crosby Beach, Liverpool.

“Look!! His tail!!”


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23 questions at 23 months

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I started this post a while ago after Louise George did the same on her blog ‘Little Hearts Big Love‘ for the hilarious linky From the Mouths of Babes. I’ve finally got round to finishing it off with some funny if not slightly random results.

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?

2. What makes Mummy happy?

3. What makes Mummy sad?

4. How does Mummy make you laugh?

5.  What was Mummy like as a child?
“A tunnel!”

6.  How old is Mummy?

7. How tall is Mummy?

8, What is Mummy’s favourite thing to do?

9. What does Mummy do when you’re not around?

10. If Mummy becomes famous, what will it be for?
“Babies! Ice cream!”

11. What is Mummy really good at?

12. What is Mummy not very good at?

13. What does Mummy do for a job?

14. What is Mummy’s favourite food?
“Bumble bee”

15. What makes you proud of Mummy?
“Mummy’s phone”

16. If Mummy was a character, who would she be?

17. What do you and Mummy do together?
“Want more please mummy”

18. How are you and Mummy the same?
“How are you!”

19. How are you and Mummy different?
“How are you!”

20. How do you know Mummy loves you?

21. What does Mummy like most about Daddy?
“It’s daddy!!”

22. Where is Mummy’s favourite place to go?

23. How old was Mummy when you were born?

Then she ended with “You’re chatterbox” (surely a phrase from Peppa Pig) I had that coming for asking so many questions!

I challenge you to copy and paste the questions, ask your tiddler and see the hilarious responses. Of course you can change mummy for daddy depending on who is asking the questions. Don’t forget to give Little Hearts, Big Love a mention.

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Top 10 Cute Tiddler Moments: 20 months

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This post started as a ‘Top 3’ post then quickly became ‘Top 5’ then the more I thought back on the past few weeks I realised there were easily at least top 10 moments where I’ve laughed and my heart melted at how cute this tiddler can be. So these are her top 10 cute moments aged 20 months:

1) Coming across a tiny dog in the park she bent down and said “Hello doggie” as she usually does… but then looked confused for a moment then said “hello mouse!”

2) She spilt her morning milk on her Peppa Pig pyjamas and wiped her top saying “Sorry Peppa”.

3) I was trying on a dress for a friend’s wedding and she just looked up at me and said “pretty mummy” #heartmeltmoment

4) Gently putting her dolly in her pushchair and pushing it forwards and backwards with a finger on the lips “ssshhh”.

5) Leaning into the pram to look at my friend’s baby and stroked his hair saying “hello gorgeous!”


6) Reaching to hold hands with her friend as we walked through the park.

7) Everytime she farts she says “excuse you!”

8) When we sneeze she says “bless you mummy / daddy / [insert name of person here]!”

9) A couple of weeks ago she grazed her knees and at every bath time for the following week she would kiss her knees better.

10) One bedtime staying at my parents’ house she was too excitable to sleep so I ended up lying next to her cot singing and had to stop myself giggling when she was holding up her monkey to the side of the cot going “peepo peepo!!!”

What has been the cutest thing your tiddler has done this week?

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Naughty and Nice

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Every week or so my tiddler seems to have set phrases she uses alot. This week has been a mixture of ups and downs. She’s saying phrases more often now and getting better at copying words, counting and this has been amazing to hear. However she also seems to be using her new found speech development to express her annoyance and frustration. It’s been tough trying to tell her off and we tried the naughty step for the first time this week with little success. It turned into a game of peekaboo between the stair bannister rails and she had a great time with new found freedom being left unattended on the stairs! I don’t think she realised she was being told off and thought it was great fun!

This reminds me of one of her favourite phrases from this week:

“This is fun!” – she exclaims this in such a giggly excited way usually several times; makes me laugh. We got out of the car the other day and there was a bit of a slope down to the bank and she started running and giggling “this is fun, this is fun, this is fun!”


“Oh my word!” is another new phrase that tickles me as she clearly picked it up from me and she says it with such enthusiasm at random times. She said it the other day when we went to read her bedtime story and she looked at the pile of books that had accumulated on her bedside table “oh my word!”

My husband was reading her counting book at bedtime the other day and he got to the last page, counting to 10 and when he’d finished she turned round, tapped him on the shoulder and said “well done”. Hearing this tickled me so much and he was a bit taken aback at her innocently patronising voice and just replied “thank you”.

There have been some commonly said phrases this week that we haven’t liked too and the one that prompted the naughty step that she’s been saying, or I should say shouting is:

“NO mummy!!!” Or “NO daddy!!!” This is accompanied by a furrow of the eyebrows and finger pointing. Occasionally I get told off “naughty mummy!” Hard trying not to laugh when she says this and she’s clearly copying what she’s heard but we’re trying to teach her she can’t shout at us. Fortunately she’s not said it for the last couple of days but I’m sure our days of being shouted at are definitely not over… we’ve not even reached the ‘terrible twos’ yet, let alone the teenage years!

“My turn!” Sharing is not a toddler’s strong point and she seems to be getting more and more defiant recently.

Generally though I’m loving this stage and being able to communicate better with her. It’s giving us lots of laughs and proud moments, especially when she’s great at saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and she’s cute when she says ‘AMEN’ when we say thank you to God, usually at meal times and bedtimes.

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From the Mouths of Tiddlers: “Ssshhh mummy!”

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The tiddler’s speech is really coming on so fast now she’s 19 months. She’s now saying 2 or 3 word phrases, for example “yes please mummy”, “that one please” (usually whilst pointing to the biscuit jar), “some more”.

The other day my husband was tickled when he was changing her nappy and she pointed down to her girlie bits and asked “what dat daddy?”

I was tickled when I was doing bedtime last week and she was sat on my lap listening to a story. At the end I sang the Cbeebies bedtime tune “The time has come to say goodnight…” and she started saying “mummy, mummy, mummy” “yes Bella?” “Ssshhh mummy!” She had her finger to her lips!

I then tried reading a bedtime prayer from another book and again when I started singing (can’t remember which song this time) she started again “mummy, mummy, mummy, ssshhh!!” I guess she doesn’t like my singing then!! How rude!

Loving how her little cheeky personality is starting to show and she makes us laugh (and sometimes despair!) every day.

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From the Mouths of Tiddlers 3: Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s Day was our second as parents and once again we were pretty shocking at making any kind of decent effort. Well I’ve got to say I did try … I made a card, I just put it in the envelope and then forgot to write in it before I gave it to my hubbie! The hubbie, however, left my card on the shelf of the supermarket as he was apparently so keen to get home to see me and his darling daughter… awww… poor excuse! He made up for it by buying a romantic DVD to watch on Valentine’s evening with a nice bottle of red.


Valentine’s Day red wine and chocolate cake

We also decided to try and teach our tiddler to say “I love you” by the end of the day. We didn’t do too badly and after a few blank expressions she finally started saying “I loaf du”. Near enough, I’ll give her that one! Now all I want is for her to understand what it means and say it to me from the heart instead of a staged “Say I love you”. Maybe next year!

We’re linking up with Louise George over on her blog ‘Little Hearts, Big Love’ who writes about the funny things that her tiddlers say in her series of posts called ‘From the Mouths of Babes’.

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