Day 4: Potty training and British beaches

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It’s August, it’s ‘summer’ holiday season, it’s raining… RAINING. On and off but today there was torrential, tarmac bouncing rain and wind for the best part of 3 hours in the middle of the day. This wouldn’t be so bad if hadn’t been raining for the past fortnight. I’d optimistically been saying “it’s just getting the rain out of its system before our holiday!” Sadly it’s STILL wet.

It seemed quite nice this morning, from inside the caravan. We headed out to explore the beach and the tiddler excitedly grabbed her bucket, spade… and coat. Her WINTER coat! The wind was so cold we played on the beach in typical British style with our coats and bravely bared feet to paddle. We forced an optimism through pure grit and determination that the pants weather wasn’t going to ruin our fun. After all, what better place to potty train a tiddler than on a beach where she’s already getting wet.


We headed to the pool in the afternoon which was another fantastic place to visit with a potty training tiddler! In fact the only time we needed to put a nappy on was for her nap but she did a wee before and after and the nappy stayed dry!

This morning was the first time she asked to do a wee wee when out and about. It ended up with me crouched with a potty in the gents toilets after she’d ran away during breakfast, opened a toilet door and shouted “mummy wee wee!”. Now as there’s usually not much warning I just ran after her with the potty. It wasn’t until she was sat on it that I looked around and realised I was surrounded by urinals! It’s a good job it was deserted!

The rest of the day brought a few accidents when we were out but inside the caravan she continued to take herself to the potty.

Tomorrow I vow not to moan about the weather.

We’re in Britain after all.

It happens every year.

The tiddler is still having a ball!


Ayrshire Coast

Day 3: Potty training and holiday travelling

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After holidaying from home for the last couple of days today we’re off to spend the next week in a caravan park in Ayrshire, Scotland. After seeing the tiddlers excitement at playing in the sand in the park I’m really looking forward to seeing her reaction to the beach which is 5 minutes walk away from our caravan. There’s also an indoor swimming pool, playground and children’s entertainment on site!

Potty training is on hold for the 5 hour car journey. I don’t fancy scrubbing a urine soaked car seat. For future journeys I’ve ordered a Car Seat Protector that also fits the pram.

Arriving at the caravan park was met with squeals of excitement as the tiddler explored her new home for the next week. We showed her the bedroom with her cot in as bedtime always seems to go well when she’s already explored!

The long nap on the car journey enabled us to stay up a bit later and make the most of our first night out in the complex. Thankfully even after the excitement of the children’s entertainment, dancing and being in a new place she went straight into her cot without a fuss and only woke once for her covers to be put back over. Great start despite the torrential rain!

Day 2: Potty training and good friends

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We had such a fun day today looking after our friend’s children who are 3 and 2. The Urban Beach and fair in the park was such a hit yesterday we decided to go back. Our tiddler goes to the same childminder as the other children so she plays with them a lot and their parents are her Godparents!


We spent the first few hours playing in the house doing jigsaws, reading, and we had lots of laughs dancing to music and playing musical statues! Staying at home also gave us chance to give the tiddler some nappy off time and she did really well taking herself to the potty that we decided to take the potty with us.

The kids loved the playground, went on the bouncy castle slide and spent a while playing in the sand before our picnic lunch. The tiddler was too excited by it all to think about doing any wees on the potty and all suggestions about going on the potty were met with a defiant “no” and resistance because she wanted to play. We didn’t force it and just put a nappy back on after a couple of accidents.

Back in the house she continued to be great on potty so for now we’ll just keep praising everything she does and not push potty training out of the house until she’s ready.

Day 1: Potty training and the Urban Beach

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For the next 14 days I’m going to write a little holiday diary whilst I’ve got quality time with my little girlie and husband. Life can get so busy sometimes and the weekends usually fly by so I’m really looking forward to this quality family time together. My little girl, now 22 months has also started showing signs she’s getting ready for potty training so we’re going to devote some time to this too.

Signs the tiddler seemed ready to potty train:

  • Telling us she had done a wee or poo in her nappy
  • Doing a large quantity of wee in the potty at once
  • More aware of us going to the toilet
  • Good association of potty with doing a wee.

After her bath we leave her nappy off whilst watching the bedtime hour and having her milk and leave the potty out. We’ve been doing this for months and she’s never done anything on it. However last night after she’d finished her milk I said “potty time!” and she sat on it and did a big wee wee! We gave her lots of praise then she seemed to just love sitting on it and went on to do another wee wee and a poo!

This morning I took the nappy off and produced a sticker chart and tried to explain that if she sat on potty to do a wee wee or poo she would get a sticker. She sat on potty, didn’t do anything then wanted a sticker! She cried when I wasn’t going to give it her so I ended up letting her put a sticker on for ‘having a go’. After all I don’t want her to start getting upset and not wanting to sit on it! She then did 2 more wee wees on the potty that morning… The first time she started weeing before she got to the potty but did the rest in the potty and the second time she actually ran over to the potty saying “wee wee”! Some success!

We then went to visit my university friend and her newborn! He’s 5 weeks old now (although his due date is tomorrow) and he’s such a cutie! The tiddler was so gentle with him, stroking his hair and naming his body parts! “His hand, his nose…” Had a lovely walk in between rain showers.

The rest of the day was pretty good, although I didn’t brave going out without the nappy. She went on the potty after lunch then had a nap and her nappy was dry when she woke. However she was too tired and groggy to deal with going on the potty and went in her nappy.

The sun was out so we headed to the local park where there was a summer holiday beach and fairground. The tiddler went on her first ride and absolutely loved playing in the sand with her bucket and spade. We literally had to drag her away and there were LOTS of tears so must have been good!


Beach in the Park

She went on the potty again before bed and still loves getting a sticker (how long will that last?!) Although she doesn’t seem to get much warning we’re definitely heading in the right direction…. I’ll get a new carpet one day!!

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