Day 14: Potty training and Progress

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I’ve started to realise that with potty training it’s a case of 2 steps forward, 1 step back but as long as there are more forward steps that’s all that matters.

Today was more a case of 1 step back, then 2 great steps forward.

Our step back:

This morning the tiddler shouted “wee wee mummy!” and ran to the potty. She sat down but then stood up fairly quickly saying “no wee wee there”. I left the room then came back in to find her pooing onto the floor. MAJOR EWWWW!! It was the soft kind too… All over her shoes, her skirt and of course the carpet. Gross. I quickly sat her on potty and she finished there. I guess she knew she needed to do something, but there’s still confusion between wee and poo.

Our 2 steps forward:

1)  The tiddler tends to be more aware of needing the toilet when she’s commando but at soft play this morning she was wearing her big girl knickers to save her dignity. I managed to see her do a ‘potty dance’ and clutch between her legs and still have time to take her out to the toilets where I supported her to sit on the normal toilet! I now feel a bit more confident when we’re out.

2) All afternoon, whilst wearing her knickers she told me verbally everytime she needed the potty… “need wee wee mummy!” When she’s not got clothes on her lower half she just takes herself to the potty but this is progress to know to tell me when she needs help to take down her knickers!

Hopefully by the time she goes back to the childminders in a couple of days she’ll have made even more steps forward. It’s been a really exciting fortnight seeing this big development and seeing her learning something new. My bank balance might start looking a bit better now too!

Day 13: Potty training and Summer

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Although many people advise to try and potty train over the summer we always thought this summer would be too soon. She turns 2 at the end of September and hasn’t been showing any interest really. Until one evening a few weeks ago when our friends visited for the weekend. They arrived at the tiddler’s bedtime when she has naked time to dry off after the bath. We’d used this time to introduce her to sitting on the potty, but she had never done anything in it. Our friends asked to borrow a potty for their similar aged tiddler who generally does a poo on the potty before bed. Our tiddler overheard this conversation, ran to get “my potty”, sat on it and did a big wee!! We gave her lots of praise and after that continued to produce the potty whenever we were in the house and most of the time she would do a wee and then one evening did her first poo too!

A few days later we decided she seemed ready to try officially ‘potty training’ and as it was the start of our 2 week holiday it was perfect timing. That was the start of this 14 day series.

You can’t always time potty training over the summer but it does make life easier. Today we enjoyed the morning with good friends in our garden and the tiddlers were able to play in the paddling pool. Letting them run around naked is great for the early days of potty training. The hardest part is going out wearing clothes!

This afternoon we had fun kicking a ball around the park, saying hello to the ducks, climbing on branches and stopped off at the Urban Beach for a brief play in the sandpit before going home for tea. I didn’t want to carry the potty so we just headed for the toilets and the tiddler didn’t mind sitting on the normal toilet!! She did the same before we left which is massive progress seeing as she hated sitting on the big toilet a few days ago.

When we got home she played around putting her trainer seat on the toilet. We’re yet to do a wee at home on the toilet but she really wanted to empty her potty into the toilet this morning so she’s getting the idea. Can’t wait for poos to go straight down the loo to save wiping out a dirty potty!

Day 12: Potty training and Low Morale

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As our holidays are coming to an end and the hubbie is back to work tomorrow we were both a bit down in the dumps as we travelled back home.

We’d been staying at my parents house for the past 2 nights and this morning the tiddler had 3 accidents both with and without clothes on her bottom half. These left me feeling like we’d taken a few steps backwards as they all happened in the house where she’s usually great. I guess I could put it down to being in a new place and not remembering where the potty was.

I was tempted to just put a nappy on her and started to wonder if she just wasn’t really ready. I started doubting I should be doing this and worrying that accidents would make her feel embarrassed.

On the journey back home I started reading parent forums and realised I wasn’t alone with the set back. I also discovered so many comments from other parents who found that their tiddlers would only go on potty when they were naked on their lower half. Noone seemed to be able to suggest a solution to this and it seems there are so many frustrated parents coping with constant accidents as soon as any trousers or underwear go on.

With further research I found a potty training technique (probably one of many!) called the Fellom Diaper Free Toddler Programme. This reinforces the idea that in the early stages of potty training underwear or close fitting clothes on the lower half cause confusion with nappies. He suggests that for the first 3 months the toddler should be naked below the waist and wear loose fitting trousers (or skirts or dresses) with nothing underneath when outside the house. After 3 months with no accidents he then states underwear can be introduced. Training pants are ideal to save the odd accident.

When we arrived home and checked the post our training pants and car/pram seat protector that I’d ordered from Amazon before we went away had arrived. Being back in the house the tiddler started running to the potty herself and did 2 poos as well! This gave me the boost I needed that she was definitely ready, as even upstairs where she couldn’t see the potty she asked Daddy for the potty and was able to hold until she was downstairs (she still resists going on the big toilet).

We don’t feel the need for the sticker chart now she’s got the hang of it and just give lots of praise. For out of the house I’m going to try and get some loose fitting trousers and carry on commando until she’s fully got the hang of it. We’re going to have the odd accident so carrying spare clothes, timing toilet runs and using the Seat Protector
should help. Feeling positive!

Day 11: Potty training and a Beautiful Wedding

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There’s always anxiety associated with potty training during an event. What if we get an urgent “wee wee potty” cry during a quiet part of the wedding service? What if she wets her dress..her spare clothes arn’t as pretty! Noone wants an accident to happen at a crucial moment.

As the tiddler seems to be much more reliant at bladder control when she’s naked on her lower half we decided she should be commando under her dress at the wedding! This worked pretty well with no accidents, although I still lead toileting times as I didn’t trust her to tell me in time with all the excitement.

In the morning we’d spent some time down by the river… again commando under her skirt and although she didn’t tell us in words she showed us signs.

Her main 2 signs are:

– suddenly stopping and clutching between her legs.
– running on the spot, or the ‘potty dance’ as I call it.

These signs gave us enough warning to carry her to a nearby bush or get the potty out. I’m hoping in time there’ll be less urgency and she’ll start to recognise the signs herself to be able to verbalise to us that she needs a wee or poo.

Day 10: Potty training and a long car journey

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This morning when it was time to get dressed we announced excitedly that we had a present for the tiddler! We presented her with the packet of ‘Frozen’ knickers and she loved them! If you’ve followed my previous posts you’ll have read the last time we introduced knickers about a week ago she majorly resisted and seemed to hate them so we left it. This time she really took to it and I asked her which one she wanted to wear. We then got dressed together and I made a point of showing her that I was putting on my ‘big girl knickers’ and she was keen to do the same! Although she then mucked about and nearly put them on her head but we eventually got them on!

Using knickers with pictures or patterns is also a good way of keeping attention when they’re sitting on the potty. My tiddler is keen to jump off the potty shouting “all done!!” before the last few drips so I either get her to count to 10, sing a song or ask her about the picture on her knickers.


Aside from one accident shortly after arriving at a chidren’s zoo today (embarrasingly on a carpeted shop floor), I was impressed with our long car journey home. She did a wee on the potty shortly after lunch today at 1pm and we left for our 3.5 hour car journey at 2pm. She didn’t want to sit on potty before the journey so I put a nappy on her. She then slept for 1.5 hours and we stopped off at a service station for a drink and run around when she woke. I then thought I’d try her on the toilet (lifted her over the toilet using the hook-squat-lift as she doesn’t like sitting on a big toilet and I’d left the potty in the car). Her nappy was still completely dry and she did a big wee! That was 3 hours after her last potty trip!

For the rest of the journey I braved leaving the nappy off (although left her sitting on it) and then she just went again once we arrived another 2 hours later.

Generally, though, I still don’t always trust her to give me a sign when we’re out and about although sometimes she has! We’re definitely making progress I think and she’s getting the hang of pulling trousers up and down, holding her wee between potty trips, and loves washing her hands (especially using the hand drier!!)

Day 9: Potty training and the beautiful Isle of Arran

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Today the sun is shining again and we’re off to the Isle of Arran. From Ayrshire you catch the car ferry from Ardrossan to Broddick. Was great having the car to explore the Island.

First stop was a half rocky, half sandy beach called Whiting Bay, apparently good for the rock pooling. The tiddler did enjoy counting shells into her bucket with her “spoon” (aka spade) but we didn’t actually see any exciting wildlife.

We had our picnic and set about making sandcastles and I enjoyed a little snooze while the tiddler ran up and down the beach with the hubbie. We then all ran into the sea and she squealed and ran away everytime a wave came in which was so funny!

Then we heard “a pay-ground!!” Sure enough there was a swing and top of a slide visible from the beach. We lugged our stuff up for a quick play before nap time.


Nap time for us involved a stunning road trip along with beautiful coastal scenery as well as the mountains. We stopped the car every now and again to take in the views and snap some pics.



When the tiddler woke up we enjoyed a little paddle at a beautiful beach. Beach trips when it’s warm and sunny are perfect for potty training tiddlers!


Day 8: Potty training and the ‘Hook-Squat-Lift’ technique

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We’ve had quite a few long drives and busy trips this week so today we chilled out on the caravan site and in the local town of Ardrossan.

This morning showed some progress with the tiddler’s potty training as she was able to take herself to the potty with PJ bottoms on rather than being naked! She can now take down her PJs and did the same with her leggings when we went out for brekkie (there’s no shame or embarrassment being a toddler and dropping your pants in a café!!)


Big Girl Knickers!

I’ve not put ‘big girl’ knickers on yet, partly because it’s just one more layer to remove in a quick “I need a wee NOW!” situation and partly because when I tried the other day she majorly resisted. One thing I don’t want to do whilst potty training is force anything and create any negative associations. I did buy some Frozen knickers today so when we decide it’s the right time, we’ll produce them as an excitable present.

On the walk back to the caravan I caught her grabbing between her legs and trying to get the potty out. Without knowing how urgent it was I didn’t risk making it to the caravan and just sat her on the potty by the roadside.

A few more times today she’s not told us she needed to go but I’ve seen her grabbing between her legs and that’s given enough of a warning to either make it to the nearest toilet (thankfully there was one nearby for the evening poo!!!) or at least manage the ‘hook-squat-lift’ in a nearby bush! At least that’s what I call it. This toiletting technique was taught by the tiddler’s Godmother and you basically drop their trousers and lift them up from behind with your arms hooked under their thighs. This makes them go into the squat position. You then close your eyes and pray it’s just a wee!!

Day 7: Potty training and Heads of Ayr Farm Park

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I’ll keep today’s post short as I realise they’re getting longer and longer!

Number of daytime nappies: zero

Number of accidents: 1 in the soft play

She still seems to only be able to take herself to the potty when she’s naked on the bottom half so trips out involve potty trip timings and she’s very good at happily sitting down and doing a wee straight away. If the weather was warmer she could probably go commando in a skirt! We’ve been lugging the potty around in a little carrier bag and we usually just take it into the nearest toilet, or failing that find a corner and empty it into a bush nearby! She’s getting a bit better at pulling her trousers up and down but still needs help.

Our trip out from the caravan today was a visit to Heads of Ayr Farm Park just south of Ayr, Scotland. This was free for the tiddler and £10.50 per adult. I was joking that the tiddler would get more fun out of it than us… I was wrong!


As well as the usual farm animals, there were also monkeys, racoons, meerkats, to name just a few. The playground was in a sandpit and had little and large pirate climbing boats with slides, a plank, nets, wobbly bridges. There were lots of trampolines, 3 huge bouncing ‘pillows’, little and large go karting tracks, a water tyre ride.


The main highlights for the tiddler were the tunnels in the huge ‘castle’ (which also had a climbing wall, slide and stunning views over to the sea) and ‘Digger Land’. Some of the diggers had slides coming off, and the little manual diggers could be operated to pick up sand.


We then found more slides coming down a little hill with views across the sea and an adrenaline rush tyre ride for bigger kids (and adults!!) There was a welly throw, a newly opened indoor soft play and sensory area next to the slide park. This had wavy slides, sack rides and big drop adrenaline slides.

Sorry I said this wasn’t going to be too long today but I’ve got to tell you about the toddler soft play. There was a farm theme with a mini animal roundabout, an air pressured ball shoot where you put the balls in the mouth of a cow ‘ ‘feed me’ and they shoot through the tubes in the cow and come out the ‘poo’ hole! I had fun with air jets to hover the balls from the ball pit and the tiddler enjoyed the usual climbing frames and slides.


I’ve not even mentioned the other activities indoors like the electric diggers, combine harvester climbing frame with a tube slide and tunnels and pet animal area. All in all more than enough to fill a fantastic day out to entertain a wide variety of ages (even adults!) indoors and outdoors!


Day 6: Potty training and Loch Lomond trip

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The sun has finally come out in Scotland!!! We drove up to Balloch, by Loch Lomond this morning and took our picnic onto the Loch cruise. This was a 45 minute round trip with a commentary telling us about the landmarks we could see on the water edge.

There was much more to do than I thought there would be and we easily filled a whole day. The Balloch visitor centre seemed very modernised with excellent baby and toddler facilties including a large toilet to fit a pushchair, low down sinks and toilets for smaller children and the usual baby changing facilities. This was attached to a shopping centre which we bypassed to go to the playground.

The playground had fantastic views over the Loch with stunning mountains in the backdrop.

We then spotted a mini ‘train’ ride which was a massive hit with the tiddler and at only £1.50 per person (under 2’s free) it took us on a short tour around the Balloch end of the Loch, through some woodland and the jolly train driver stopped a couple of times to explain where we were. We got off half way to explore ‘Maid of the Loch’, an old steam liner which was being restored after vandals caused it to sink. This was free entry and the tiddler loved exploring it and we then relaxed in the café on the boat until the train came back to pick us up.

We parked up at Balloch Castle and walked down to the edge of the Loch where there was a modern playground split in 2; a toddler playground and a second for 4-14 year olds. The toddler playground had a train shaped climbing frame with slide, a sandpit with wendy house and interactive clock and abacus toys, rocking camel and horse, a roundabout and swings. We didn’t venture into the older playground but from what I could see there was a trampoline, a rope swing roundabout, and climbing nets.


The scenic view from the playground


Stone throwing on the shore


Evening Stroll in the Sunshine

After spending some time enjoying the Loch shore throwing stones and taking in the scenic view, we drove round to have a pub lunch in a gorgeous beer garden. From there we made the most of the rare Scottish sunshine by having a short walk along the river before the drive back to the caravan.

We followed pretty much the same potty training routine as yesterday and only had 1 accident! This happened because I put her on the potty too soon after our afternoon drink and snack. By the time the drink had ‘gone through’ we were walking by the lake and she clutched her crotch. I asked her if she wanted the potty but she said “no”… then she did it again but I brushed off the signs thinking she’d been not long ago and then she ran off and weed. I now know the sign for “I need a wee”!

Day 5: Potty training and 2 Scottish Castles

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Number of nappies used: zero!

Number of accidents: 1. I completely forgot she wasn’t wearing a nappy until I heard “wee wee, wee wee!!!” in the middle of Tesco this morning.

Number of changes of trousers: 1. See above.

Number of panic moments: 2. In the middle of Tesco and when she fell asleep in the car seat with no nappy. Fortunately she woke 1.5 hours later dry!

We had a lovely and mostly dry day (I’m talking about the weather now!) Visited Dean Castle Country Park which I would highly recommend for anyone, especially with children as you can have a short woodland walk whilst spotting deer, owls, a river, bridge and some little waterfalls. By the castle there’s also a small farm with pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, doves and other birds as well as a duck pond. There are 2 playgrounds, 1 for older children with a zip wire and climbing frames and one for the younger ones.


The visitor centre offered a reasonably priced lunch box for kids and a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, paninis, toasties and jacket potatoes.

The tiddler then napped (nappy free!) in the car en route to Dundonald Castle. In fact we all slept for an hour and a half in the car park when we arrived then headed into the café for a drink. The path up to the castle was quite steep but the views across to the sea and the Isle of Arran were beautiful. The castle itself was tiny so we didn’t fork out the entrance fee and headed back down to the playground.

Although she only had the one accident all day, each potty run was lead by us as she doesn’t always seem to be able to identify when she needs to go unless we’re in the house. We tended to time potty runs roughly 15mins after drinking, before car journeys and straight after her nap. This seems to be working at the moment and hopefully we’ll progress to her being able to tell us when she needs to go.