About me

Hi, I started this blog to write about all the fun and games that life with a toddler brings! It also stops my brain turning to mush and enables me to share things I’ve learnt and recommend products or places we’ve visited along our journey.

In September 2013 my husband and I welcomed our first baby into the world. Since then my life has been transformed into a whirlwind of nappies, naps and naughty monkey antics. When I’m not blogging or entertaining the tiddler, I also work part-time as a Physiotherapist which keeps me in touch with adults and stops me talking goo goo gaa gaa language… I also enjoy the challenges the job brings and being able to use my skills to help out┬áthe other end of the age spectrum. In fact when I was on maternity leave I didn’t de-skill as much I thought I would, as I seemed to spend a lot of my time teaching┬áher to improve her balance, teach her to walk and climb up and down the stairs safely!!

In September 2015 we found out we were pregnant again and we are excited to embark on a new adventure with twins and a toddler come May 2016. This was quite a shock but turns out to be pretty good blogging material!

I’m PR friendly so please feel free to contact me to help promote your products or services.



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