Leftover Gravy Pasta Sauce

At tea time tonight I needed a quick tea for my family of 5. We had sausages that needed eating and gravy sauce, which was actually juices from the slow cooker beef stew I’d made at the weekend. I didn’t have any potatoes to do the obvious bangers and mash so decided to do sausage pasta. At first I wasn’t sure how the gravy would fit into this so just decided to experiment. I was pretty pleased with the results and there were clean plates all round so I thought I’d share!

1) Cooked pasta bows

2) Cooked sausages on grilling machine

3) Fried a courgette and leek, chopped into small pieces

4) Heated leftover gravy in a pan and added basil, tomato puree, a tin of tomatoes and Worcester sauce.

5) At this point if it seems really runny just stir in a bit of flour or cornflour but I found the puree, tomatoes and veg made it just the right consistency.

5) Add fried courgette and leek to the sauce, stir, then pour over the cooked, drained pasta.

6) Chop up sausages and stir in.

7) Serve with a sprinkling of Parmesan!

Whilst tea was cooking, my eldest painted a dried pasta bow and pretended if was a butterfly!

Let me know if you have an queries or how you found this when you tried it!