A Day in the Life of 17 Month Twins and 4 Year Old

I’ve been having fun lately making videos for my YouTube channel Tiddler Tales. My latest one is a day in the life of our 17 month old twins and 4 year old girl.

The twins have had this routine from about 16 months when they progressed from 2 to 1 naps and now at 18 months we are finding bedtime is creeping more towards 7:30pm if they have their 2 hour daytime nap as otherwise they were waking too early.

Their typical day goes like this:

6-6:30am Twins wake up. We change their nappy and take them downstairs. They usually play, we read them books and give them some water or very diluted squash in a non spill 360 cup (http://amzn.to/2zC2USi) Sometimes they’re hungry early and we give them a piece of fruit like banana.

7am Their big sister gets up when the sun comes on her Gro Clock (http://amzn.to/2Aie6Xi) and when she comes downstairs she has a drink of milk or diluted fruit juice and we sit down together for breakfast. They usually have shreddies or wheetabix or porridge. I often take the opportunity of the boys being in their highchairs to get showered and dressed then my husband will get ready once I’m back downstairs.

The twins and their big sis then get dressed, maybe another nappy change is often needed if they poop, and they have a little play whilst we get everything ready for nursery (3 days a week). Teeth cleaning happens in the pram before we leave for nursery or upstairs in the bathroom when I’m off work. We help the twins brush their teeth as they still just chew and suck on the toothbrush!

8:30am They leave for nursery (3 days a week)

9:15am Walk to a morning playgroup on Mondays; Drive to gymtots on Wednesdays; play at home or outside at the weekends; Sunday morning church.

10:30am Morning snack and drink (fruit/crackers/rice cakes/toast)

Play before lunch.

12pm Lunch

12:30-2:30pm Nap time. One-on-one time with my 4 year old.

2:30/3pm Afternoon snack and drink

Trip out or play at home or garden until tea time.

5pm Teatime

6-6:15pm Bathtime (every other night)

6:30 Bedtime milk in a bottle (8oz)

Get pyjamas on, read stories, clean teeth.

7pm Twins go to bed either at same time or often we stagger timings by 10 minutes to enable them to go to sleep in peace as they sometimes fuss for a few minutes. Our 4 year old will read stories and go to bed by 7:15pm too.