5 reasons to LOVE 5 o’clock…

Hell… That’s a pretty strong word isn’t it. That’s how I describe early morning waking. Feeling constantly shattered, unable to focus in work, energy depleted, starting the day grumpy, feeling trapped in a seemingly never ending cycle of a baby waking early. You feel helpless to control the situation.

I currently long to rewind the clock to a few weeks ago when they all slept until a decent hour (anything after 6am is considered decent for 1 year olds). Some people LOVE waking early. Each to their own. I love my sleep. I don’t expect to lie in til 8 every day (trust me, that’s a lie in!), I just want to sleep even until 6am!! Please!! I don’t swear… normally… I really don’t like starting each day with expletives but this period, worsened by clocks moving back whilst the twins were poorly has really gone on long enough.

I hate feeling negative all the time and nothing I try is working so I’ve decided instead to try and see the positives and get light hearted about.

5 reasons to LOVE 5 o’clock:

1) I save £14.99 a month on a gym membership. Think of all the calories I must burn pacing up and down the lounge trying to get “twin 1” back to sleep. If only he’d just snuggle into our bed and fall back to sleep.

2) I can spend more time on my blog… when the tiddler isn’t trying to grab my phone and press every button. He might try and tweet a photo of my bed hair and sheep onesie (the laptop is banned from the lounge since he smashed the screen and broke the keyboard).

3) I get to wear my favourite Cath Kidston dressing gown for longer. I’m getting my money’s worth especially when the scheduled heating hasn’t come on yet.

4) I can blame any blonde moments on sleep deprivation. Was that really me that put the back door keys in the bin or the feral toddler?

5) The sunrises are good for the soul and it’ll make me into a stronger, better person for going through this. If I chant that for long enough will it become true? Cos right now I’m weak, crumbling and grumpy… You best buy some shares in Kenco.

Watch this space for an inspirational blog about how we combatted and overcame early morning waking, but for now “I love waking early!” (Said no parent ever)

Anyone got any tips we might not have tried?

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