Waiting for the Tiddler Twins

My twin pregnancy has been pretty smooth and plain sailing. I’m now on the home run with my induction booked in 2 days at 37+5 weeks. I really can’t complain as I had less morning sickness than with my first (single) pregnancy and not even had any back or pelvis pain which I fully expected to get. I even thought I’d managed to swerve stretch marks again until a couple of weeks ago at 35 weeks when faint lines appeared and have now turned darker red.

We found out we were having non-identical (DCDA) twin boys at the 20 week scan and since then they’ve grown at a steady, even rate and were both estimated 6lb last week. In my last post I mentioned how I felt when we first found out we were having twins and I’ve got to say its taken ages to sink in… I’m not sure it really will sink in until I’m holding 2 babies and looking at them with a mix of awe, wonder and realistically pure dread!!! While part of me is thoroughly petrified at how we’re going to cope, I believe for some reason God has chosen us to look after twins and that makes me feel more confident that we’re going to survive!! I’m so excited to see what they look like, to get to know their individual personalities and most of all to see the look on my gorgeous little girl’s face when she meets her brothers for the first time.

Isabella, my 2 and a half year old has been watching my tummy getting bigger and bigger and hearing us talk about ‘the babies/twins/boys’.

She’s lived through our house becoming a tip as we converted the loft into another bedroom and seen us make a new nursery (finally finished last week just in time!!)

She slept on a bed in the tiny office room for a month while it all happened and now has a beautiful new bedroom too which she was excited to help decorate; choosing her pink paint and butterfly curtains.


She’s spent the last week creeping into the nursery in the morning to peer into the cot to see if the babies have arrived yet.

She’s been to the hospital with us a few times to see where the babies will be born and has seen her brothers on the ultrasound scan.

She often asks “have the babies come out of your tummy yet?” and is really thinking about it asking questions like “will they come out of your tummy, your bottom, or your flower?”. When people ask her what the babies will be called she replies “they’re called twins!”.

I’m so excited for her that her wait is nearly over and she’ll meet her baby brothers in less than a week. I hope she will feel the same love and protection towards them as a big sister and that we’ll still have time for her with the upcoming chaos so she knows she’ll always be our baby girl.

Follow our journey as we enter the exciting world of twin parenting!! I’ll try and find time to blog and tweet photos as much as I can and will take videos of their progress to the Tiddler Tales YouTube channel we’ve just launched.

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