A Double Shock

The day we found out we were expecting twins is one of those days that will stay with me forever. I’ve never felt so many mixed emotions overwhelming me within such a short space of time and our lives changed forever.


Nearly 2 months ago we excitedly saw the 2 blue lines on the pregnancy stick. Our toddler had just turned 2 and it just seemed the right time to add to our family. Financially it seemed to work as our toddler would have government funded childcare about the time I would need to return to work. Our┬ábaby was becoming a big girl by the minute… sleeping in a big girl bed, starting to dress and undress herself, and fortunately potty trained over the summer.


We were more cautiously excited this time. We knew people around us who had really sadly lost babies in the early days so the risks seemed more close to home. When I had a couple of spotting episodes at 7 weeks we were perhaps overly anxious and were booked in for a reassurance scan. I remember the night before just praying “God, whatever news we get tomorrow I know you won’t give us anything we can’t handle or cope with together”. If only I knew what was to come that day!!


We prepared ourselves mentally for hearing bad news that day, although I had an overwhelming sense of calm and just felt that everything was fine. She started scanning and to our relief they found a good strong heartbeat. The sonographer then giggled. She just turned to her colleaugue with words that are still sinking in “there’s another one!”




Just check again.

Are you sure?

But twins happen to OTHER people not plain old us!



Early 7 week scan


Disbelief and shock we our main feelings after relief. It had never once crossed my mind that it might be twins. It was a natural conception, I’m relatively young, as far as I knew there weren’t any twins in my family (until I told my Dad and it turned out his mum, my Grandma, was a twin). I think with our first we had those conversations “wouldn’t it be cool if it was twins!” But this time it never entered our thoughts.


Of course we were excited too. Just a crazy mix of excitement, shock, and amongst it a fear. Fear that we won’t cope with twins and toddler, financial worries, and so so so many questions. I woke about 5 for the following week and couldn’t sleep till late. So many things whirling round my head.


I just have to keep coming back to that prayer I said the night before that first scan and trust we won’t be thrown anything we can’t cope with. We have so many loving family and friends who are all so excited to share this journey with us and what an awesome journey it’s going to be.


If anyone has any experience of raising twins recently I’d love you to let me know so I can ask advice or read any other twin blogs to help us along.


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  1. I remember the day we found out we were expecting twins so clearly (they’re almost 3)! It’s such a shock and I spent my whole pregnancy worrying how we’d cope as we had a two year old too! It’s hard at times but also very special. Feel free to get in touch if you want to chat (I had so many questions when I was expecting). Jemma x

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