Keeping Your Cool in a Heatwave

It’s not very often that the heatwave hits Britain but when it does it’s a ‘big event’.

The sunscreen, hats, sunglasses come back out; people start bareing their pale legs; parents with tiddlers start worrying about sun burn, heat stroke, nursery room temperatures.

This last one is my main thing because if we all don’t get enough sleep it just spoils the next day. So I’m left with lots of questions at bedtime and I must drive my hubbie up the wall!

1) Should we leave the blackout blind up?

Sun turns the nursery into a greenhouse so we close the curtains in the day and put up the blackout blind up at bedtime. We’ve then you’ve got the dilemma that it stops any air flowing through the window. But if we don’t put it up the tiddler will probably wake with the sun at some ridiculous time. Also if we leave it up in the daytime black absorbs more heat right?

*collapse in heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

2) Bedroom door… open or shut?

If we leave it open there’ll be a flow of air from the landing window / other bedrooms to keep the room cool but the light floods in at 4am and the tiddler might decide this is a sensible time to play!

*collapse in heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

3) Should we leave the bedroom window open during the night?

We want cool air to come in (although it may not if the blackout blind is firmly suckered to the window edges) but also don’t want the tiddler waking with the bird chorus at some unearthly hour. And what if the tiddler can’t get to sleep because she can hear the older children next door still laughing and playing out in the sun?

*collapse in a heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

4) Fan on or off?

We usually leave the window open and fan on in the hours leading up to bedtime to get the room to a comfortable temperature. But do you then leave it on? What if the tiddler wakes feeling draughty… but maybe the fan will provide enough white noise to relax the tiddler into a slumber state.

*collapse in a heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

5) Covers on or off?

I know a few babies who will only go to sleep in the security of their grobag or under a cover. If they have covers it’s not so big a problem as they can just kick them off when they’re too hot but trying to unzip a gro bag without waking a more lightly sleeping hot and sweaty tiddler can be tricky. And what if they wake in the night and need the security of their bag / covers to get back to sleep? You can’t leave them to sweat it out though.

*collapse in a heap of indecisive heat exhaustion*

So there we are.

We thought bedtime was difficult enough.

Add in trying to make the above decisions when the sun had melted your brain!

It’s tough when after a busy day the most important thing is…

…sleep zzzzzzzzz…


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