Day 8: Potty training and the ‘Hook-Squat-Lift’ technique

We’ve had quite a few long drives and busy trips this week so today we chilled out on the caravan site and in the local town of Ardrossan.

This morning showed some progress with the tiddler’s potty training as she was able to take herself to the potty with PJ bottoms on rather than being naked! She can now take down her PJs and did the same with her leggings when we went out for brekkie (there’s no shame or embarrassment being a toddler and dropping your pants in a café!!)


Big Girl Knickers!

I’ve not put ‘big girl’ knickers on yet, partly because it’s just one more layer to remove in a quick “I need a wee NOW!” situation and partly because when I tried the other day she majorly resisted. One thing I don’t want to do whilst potty training is force anything and create any negative associations. I did buy some Frozen knickers today so when we decide it’s the right time, we’ll produce them as an excitable present.

On the walk back to the caravan I caught her grabbing between her legs and trying to get the potty out. Without knowing how urgent it was I didn’t risk making it to the caravan and just sat her on the potty by the roadside.

A few more times today she’s not told us she needed to go but I’ve seen her grabbing between her legs and that’s given enough of a warning to either make it to the nearest toilet (thankfully there was one nearby for the evening poo!!!) or at least manage the ‘hook-squat-lift’ in a nearby bush! At least that’s what I call it. This toiletting technique was taught by the tiddler’s Godmother and you basically drop their trousers and lift them up from behind with your arms hooked under their thighs. This makes them go into the squat position. You then close your eyes and pray it’s just a wee!!

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