Day 6: Potty training and Loch Lomond trip

The sun has finally come out in Scotland!!! We drove up to Balloch, by Loch Lomond this morning and took our picnic onto the Loch cruise. This was a 45 minute round trip with a commentary telling us about the landmarks we could see on the water edge.

There was much more to do than I thought there would be and we easily filled a whole day. The Balloch visitor centre seemed very modernised with excellent baby and toddler facilties including a large toilet to fit a pushchair, low down sinks and toilets for smaller children and the usual baby changing facilities. This was attached to a shopping centre which we bypassed to go to the playground.

The playground had fantastic views over the Loch with stunning mountains in the backdrop.

We then spotted a mini ‘train’ ride which was a massive hit with the tiddler and at only £1.50 per person (under 2’s free) it took us on a short tour around the Balloch end of the Loch, through some woodland and the jolly train driver stopped a couple of times to explain where we were. We got off half way to explore ‘Maid of the Loch’, an old steam liner which was being restored after vandals caused it to sink. This was free entry and the tiddler loved exploring it and we then relaxed in the café on the boat until the train came back to pick us up.

We parked up at Balloch Castle and walked down to the edge of the Loch where there was a modern playground split in 2; a toddler playground and a second for 4-14 year olds. The toddler playground had a train shaped climbing frame with slide, a sandpit with wendy house and interactive clock and abacus toys, rocking camel and horse, a roundabout and swings. We didn’t venture into the older playground but from what I could see there was a trampoline, a rope swing roundabout, and climbing nets.


The scenic view from the playground


Stone throwing on the shore


Evening Stroll in the Sunshine

After spending some time enjoying the Loch shore throwing stones and taking in the scenic view, we drove round to have a pub lunch in a gorgeous beer garden. From there we made the most of the rare Scottish sunshine by having a short walk along the river before the drive back to the caravan.

We followed pretty much the same potty training routine as yesterday and only had 1 accident! This happened because I put her on the potty too soon after our afternoon drink and snack. By the time the drink had ‘gone through’ we were walking by the lake and she clutched her crotch. I asked her if she wanted the potty but she said “no”… then she did it again but I brushed off the signs thinking she’d been not long ago and then she ran off and weed. I now know the sign for “I need a wee”!

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