Day 5: Potty training and 2 Scottish Castles

Number of nappies used: zero!

Number of accidents: 1. I completely forgot she wasn’t wearing a nappy until I heard “wee wee, wee wee!!!” in the middle of Tesco this morning.

Number of changes of trousers: 1. See above.

Number of panic moments: 2. In the middle of Tesco and when she fell asleep in the car seat with no nappy. Fortunately she woke 1.5 hours later dry!

We had a lovely and mostly dry day (I’m talking about the weather now!) Visited Dean Castle Country Park which I would highly recommend for anyone, especially with children as you can have a short woodland walk whilst spotting deer, owls, a river, bridge and some little waterfalls. By the castle there’s also a small farm with pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, doves and other birds as well as a duck pond. There are 2 playgrounds, 1 for older children with a zip wire and climbing frames and one for the younger ones.


The visitor centre offered a reasonably priced lunch box for kids and a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, paninis, toasties and jacket potatoes.

The tiddler then napped (nappy free!) in the car en route to Dundonald Castle. In fact we all slept for an hour and a half in the car park when we arrived then headed into the cafĂ© for a drink. The path up to the castle was quite steep but the views across to the sea and the Isle of Arran were beautiful. The castle itself was tiny so we didn’t fork out the entrance fee and headed back down to the playground.

Although she only had the one accident all day, each potty run was lead by us as she doesn’t always seem to be able to identify when she needs to go unless we’re in the house. We tended to time potty runs roughly 15mins after drinking, before car journeys and straight after her nap. This seems to be working at the moment and hopefully we’ll progress to her being able to tell us when she needs to go.

One thought on “Day 5: Potty training and 2 Scottish Castles

  1. We actually relaly lucked out with our potty training. I started by putting a potty in the bathroom when AIden was 18mos. He was always interesed in us going. He went about 3 times in it and that was the end of that. It sat there and anytime he seemed interested again we would try. We were starting to get some head away around 2yrs old, but then we had some changes in the house and I didn’t want to push it. Last summer he started traingin at school and we kept it up at home. We told him that when he turned 3 that there were no more pull ups and that he wears big kid underwear. He still wore pull ups at night and nap time. He only had a handful of accidents, but we made sure that we had him go to the bathroom every 1-2hrs. January we nixed pull ups at bedtime. Now he goes on his own or if its been about 3-4hrs then we tell him to go. I hope that its this easy wit my daughter when she is ready.

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