Day 3: Potty training and holiday travelling

After holidaying from home for the last couple of days today we’re off to spend the next week in a caravan park in Ayrshire, Scotland. After seeing the tiddlers excitement at playing in the sand in the park I’m really looking forward to seeing her reaction to the beach which is 5 minutes walk away from our caravan. There’s also an indoor swimming pool, playground and children’s entertainment on site!

Potty training is on hold for the 5 hour car journey. I don’t fancy scrubbing a urine soaked car seat. For future journeys I’ve ordered a Car Seat Protector that also fits the pram.

Arriving at the caravan park was met with squeals of excitement as the tiddler explored her new home for the next week. We showed her the bedroom with her cot in as bedtime always seems to go well when she’s already explored!

The long nap on the car journey enabled us to stay up a bit later and make the most of our first night out in the complex. Thankfully even after the excitement of the children’s entertainment, dancing and being in a new place she went straight into her cot without a fuss and only woke once for her covers to be put back over. Great start despite the torrential rain!

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