Day 14: Potty training and Progress

I’ve started to realise that with potty training it’s a case of 2 steps forward, 1 step back but as long as there are more forward steps that’s all that matters.

Today was more a case of 1 step back, then 2 great steps forward.

Our step back:

This morning the tiddler shouted “wee wee mummy!” and ran to the potty. She sat down but then stood up fairly quickly saying “no wee wee there”. I left the room then came back in to find her pooing onto the floor. MAJOR EWWWW!! It was the soft kind too… All over her shoes, her skirt and of course the carpet. Gross. I quickly sat her on potty and she finished there. I guess she knew she needed to do something, but there’s still confusion between wee and poo.

Our 2 steps forward:

1)¬† The tiddler tends to be more aware of needing the toilet when she’s commando but at soft play this morning she was wearing her big girl knickers to save her dignity. I managed to see her do a ‘potty dance’ and clutch between her legs and still have time to take her out to the toilets where I supported her to sit on the normal toilet! I now feel a bit more confident when we’re out.

2) All afternoon, whilst wearing her knickers she told me verbally¬†everytime she needed the potty… “need wee wee mummy!” When she’s not got clothes on her lower half she just takes herself to the potty but this is progress to know to tell me when she needs help to take down her knickers!

Hopefully by the time she goes back to the childminders in a couple of days she’ll have made even more steps forward. It’s been a really exciting fortnight seeing this big development and seeing her learning something new. My bank balance might start looking a bit better now too!

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