Day 13: Potty training and Summer

Although many people advise to try and potty train over the summer we always thought this summer would be too soon. She turns 2 at the end of September and hasn’t been showing any interest really. Until one evening a few weeks ago when our friends visited for the weekend. They arrived at the tiddler’s bedtime when she has naked time to dry off after the bath. We’d used this time to introduce her to sitting on the potty, but she had never done anything in it. Our friends asked to borrow a potty for their similar aged tiddler who generally does a poo on the potty before bed. Our tiddler overheard this conversation, ran to get “my potty”, sat on it and did a big wee!! We gave her lots of praise and after that continued to produce the potty whenever we were in the house and most of the time she would do a wee and then one evening did her first poo too!

A few days later we decided she seemed ready to try officially ‘potty training’ and as it was the start of our 2 week holiday it was perfect timing. That was the start of this 14 day series.

You can’t always time potty training over the summer but it does make life easier. Today we enjoyed the morning with good friends in our garden and the tiddlers were able to play in the paddling pool. Letting them run around naked is great for the early days of potty training. The hardest part is going out wearing clothes!

This afternoon we had fun kicking a ball around the park, saying hello to the ducks, climbing on branches and stopped off at the Urban Beach for a brief play in the sandpit before going home for tea. I didn’t want to carry the potty so we just headed for the toilets and the tiddler didn’t mind sitting on the normal toilet!! She did the same before we left which is massive progress seeing as she hated sitting on the big toilet a few days ago.

When we got home she played around putting her trainer seat on the toilet. We’re yet to do a wee at home on the toilet but she really wanted to empty her potty into the toilet this morning so she’s getting the idea. Can’t wait for poos to go straight down the loo to save wiping out a dirty potty!

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