Day 12: Potty training and Low Morale

As our holidays are coming to an end and the hubbie is back to work tomorrow we were both a bit down in the dumps as we travelled back home.

We’d been staying at my parents house for the past 2 nights and this morning the tiddler had 3 accidents both with and without clothes on her bottom half. These left me feeling like we’d taken a few steps backwards as they all happened in the house where she’s usually great. I guess I could put it down to being in a new place and not remembering where the potty was.

I was tempted to just put a nappy on her and started to wonder if she just wasn’t really ready. I started doubting I should be doing this and worrying that accidents would make her feel embarrassed.

On the journey back home I started reading parent forums and realised I wasn’t alone with the set back. I also discovered so many comments from other parents who found that their tiddlers would only go on potty when they were naked on their lower half. Noone seemed to be able to suggest a solution to this and it seems there are so many frustrated parents coping with constant accidents as soon as any trousers or underwear go on.

With further research I found a potty training technique (probably one of many!) called the Fellom Diaper Free Toddler Programme. This reinforces the idea that in the early stages of potty training underwear or close fitting clothes on the lower half cause confusion with nappies. He suggests that for the first 3 months the toddler should be naked below the waist and wear loose fitting trousers (or skirts or dresses) with nothing underneath when outside the house. After 3 months with no accidents he then states underwear can be introduced. Training pants are ideal to save the odd accident.

When we arrived home and checked the post our training pants and car/pram seat protector that I’d ordered from Amazon before we went away had arrived. Being back in the house the tiddler started running to the potty herself and did 2 poos as well! This gave me the boost I needed that she was definitely ready, as even upstairs where she couldn’t see the potty she asked Daddy for the potty and was able to hold until she was downstairs (she still resists going on the big toilet).

We don’t feel the need for the sticker chart now she’s got the hang of it and just give lots of praise. For out of the house I’m going to try and get some loose fitting trousers and carry on commando until she’s fully got the hang of it. We’re going to have the odd accident so carrying spare clothes, timing toilet runs and using the Seat Protector
should help. Feeling positive!

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