Day 11: Potty training and a Beautiful Wedding

There’s always anxiety associated with potty training during an event. What if we get an urgent “wee wee potty” cry during a quiet part of the wedding service? What if she wets her dress..her spare clothes arn’t as pretty! Noone wants an accident to happen at a crucial moment.

As the tiddler seems to be much more reliant at bladder control when she’s naked on her lower half we decided she should be commando under her dress at the wedding! This worked pretty well with no accidents, although I still lead toileting times as I didn’t trust her to tell me in time with all the excitement.

In the morning we’d spent some time down by the river… again commando under her skirt and although she didn’t tell us in words she showed us signs.

Her main 2 signs are:

– suddenly stopping and clutching between her legs.
– running on the spot, or the ‘potty dance’ as I call it.

These signs gave us enough warning to carry her to a nearby bush or get the potty out. I’m hoping in time there’ll be less urgency and she’ll start to recognise the signs herself to be able to verbalise to us that she needs a wee or poo.

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