Day 10: Potty training and a long car journey

This morning when it was time to get dressed we announced excitedly that we had a present for the tiddler! We presented her with the packet of ‘Frozen’ knickers and she loved them! If you’ve followed my previous posts you’ll have read the last time we introduced knickers about a week ago she majorly resisted and seemed to hate them so we left it. This time she really took to it and I asked her which one she wanted to wear. We then got dressed together and I made a point of showing her that I was putting on my ‘big girl knickers’ and she was keen to do the same! Although she then mucked about and nearly put them on her head but we eventually got them on!

Using knickers with pictures or patterns is also a good way of keeping attention when they’re sitting on the potty. My tiddler is keen to jump off the potty shouting “all done!!” before the last few drips so I either get her to count to 10, sing a song or ask her about the picture on her knickers.


Aside from one accident shortly after arriving at a chidren’s zoo today (embarrasingly on a carpeted shop floor), I was impressed with our long car journey home. She did a wee on the potty shortly after lunch today at 1pm and we left for our 3.5 hour car journey at 2pm. She didn’t want to sit on potty before the journey so I put a nappy on her. She then slept for 1.5 hours and we stopped off at a service station for a drink and run around when she woke. I then thought I’d try her on the toilet (lifted her over the toilet using the hook-squat-lift as she doesn’t like sitting on a big toilet and I’d left the potty in the car). Her nappy was still completely dry and she did a big wee! That was 3 hours after her last potty trip!

For the rest of the journey I braved leaving the nappy off (although left her sitting on it) and then she just went again once we arrived another 2 hours later.

Generally, though, I still don’t always trust her to give me a sign when we’re out and about although sometimes she has! We’re definitely making progress I think and she’s getting the hang of pulling trousers up and down, holding her wee between potty trips, and loves washing her hands (especially using the hand drier!!)

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