Day 2: Potty training and good friends

We had such a fun day today looking after our friend’s children who are 3 and 2. The Urban Beach and fair in the park was such a hit yesterday we decided to go back. Our tiddler goes to the same childminder as the other children so she plays with them a lot and their parents are her Godparents!


We spent the first few hours playing in the house doing jigsaws, reading, and we had lots of laughs dancing to music and playing musical statues! Staying at home also gave us chance to give the tiddler some nappy off time and she did really well taking herself to the potty that we decided to take the potty with us.

The kids loved the playground, went on the bouncy castle slide and spent a while playing in the sand before our picnic lunch. The tiddler was too excited by it all to think about doing any wees on the potty and all suggestions about going on the potty were met with a defiant “no” and resistance because she wanted to play. We didn’t force it and just put a nappy back on after a couple of accidents.

Back in the house she continued to be great on potty so for now we’ll just keep praising everything she does and not push potty training out of the house until she’s ready.

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