Day 1: Potty training and the Urban Beach

For the next 14 days I’m going to write a little holiday diary whilst I’ve got quality time with my little girlie and husband. Life can get so busy sometimes and the weekends usually fly by so I’m really looking forward to this quality family time together. My little girl, now 22 months has also started showing signs she’s getting ready for potty training so we’re going to devote some time to this too.

Signs the tiddler seemed ready to potty train:

  • Telling us she had done a wee or poo in her nappy
  • Doing a large quantity of wee in the potty at once
  • More aware of us going to the toilet
  • Good association of potty with doing a wee.

After her bath we leave her nappy off whilst watching the bedtime hour and having her milk and leave the potty out. We’ve been doing this for months and she’s never done anything on it. However last night after she’d finished her milk I said “potty time!” and she sat on it and did a big wee wee! We gave her lots of praise then she seemed to just love sitting on it and went on to do another wee wee and a poo!

This morning I took the nappy off and produced a sticker chart and tried to explain that if she sat on potty to do a wee wee or poo she would get a sticker. She sat on potty, didn’t do anything then wanted a sticker! She cried when I wasn’t going to give it her so I ended up letting her put a sticker on for ‘having a go’. After all I don’t want her to start getting upset and not wanting to sit on it! She then did 2 more wee wees on the potty that morning… The first time she started weeing before she got to the potty but did the rest in the potty and the second time she actually ran over to the potty saying “wee wee”! Some success!

We then went to visit my university friend and her newborn! He’s 5 weeks old now (although his due date is tomorrow) and he’s such a cutie! The tiddler was so gentle with him, stroking his hair and naming his body parts! “His hand, his nose…” Had a lovely walk in between rain showers.

The rest of the day was pretty good, although I didn’t brave going out without the nappy. She went on the potty after lunch then had a nap and her nappy was dry when she woke. However she was too tired and groggy to deal with going on the potty and went in her nappy.

The sun was out so we headed to the local park where there was a summer holiday beach and fairground. The tiddler went on her first ride and absolutely loved playing in the sand with her bucket and spade. We literally had to drag her away and there were LOTS of tears so must have been good!


Beach in the Park

She went on the potty again before bed and still loves getting a sticker (how long will that last?!) Although she doesn’t seem to get much warning we’re definitely heading in the right direction…. I’ll get a new carpet one day!!

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7 thoughts on “Day 1: Potty training and the Urban Beach

  1. I remember these days! When my daughter was potty training and we were at the beach he he he!
    I’m quite pleased we are onto a different stage but they all come with new learning experiences. I think the sticker chart is fab idea! It works well for us! #TwinklyTuesday

    Angela from daysinbed xx

    • Sticker chart was definitely a hit. Think we’ll bring it out again for room tidying and washing up when she’s bigger (if stickers still work! ) Thanks for taking time to read and comment x

    • Thanks, we’re now on day 15 actually and she’s telling me every time she needs a wee even when we’re out which is fab!! Just had a little set back yest with poo tho but generally getting there! ☺

    • I must admit I was going to put it off til next summer until she did that big wee and started showing an interest. Actual found it really fun!! Oh except the day she pooed on the carpet (see day 14 post)… twins will be really fun, just got to hope they’re in sync which they might be if they drink/eat at the same time. Good luck!

  2. These stickers have been a great ennreoagumect for my daughter to use the potty. Previously we were just using a reward sticker chart, however my daughter was expecting one every time she sat down on her potty. The My Wee Friend sticker is placed at the bottom of the potty and is black until it is contact with warm liquid (i.e. Wee! ) and then a cute little face looks up at you rewarding you with a smile!. Now my daughter comes smiling to me and declaring “Mummy! Wee! Face!” and then she’ll now get a reward sticker on her chart. GD Star Ratingloading…

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