My Captured Moment: Family Photo Fail

My captured moment this week was taken at a friend’s wedding last weekend. We thought we’d try to get a nice family photo while we were scrubbed up smart.

This photo makes me laugh because we always struggle to get the tiddler to look at the camera. This time there was a balloon on the ceiling and clearly more interesting than the camera.

Tip: If you’re getting married and have children to keep entertained then just buy helium balloons and bubbles!! Isabella and the other tiddlers were amused for most of the reception by the balloons and they had favours on the table for the children which was a gel bubble pack. The gel mixture was amazing as it didn’t spill out so even the littlest of tiddlers could play with them unsupervised.

Unsupervised entertainment = priceless.
2015-06-06 16.55.26

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1,404 thoughts on “My Captured Moment: Family Photo Fail

    • Thanks it definitely helps me remember the helium balloons. Don’t know how bigger families get everyone looking the same way!

  1. Love her little expression in this picture, she looks slightly shocked (or maybe puzzled) by the balloons on the ceiling, while you two look so happy and proud in the background. I’m sure this shot will make you smile for years to come. Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

    • Thanks for commenting, she does look amazed by the balloons. It’d be dull if we were all looking at the camera lol

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