Highlights of May

So another month has completely flown by. I can’t get my head around it being June ALREADY!

I love May.

For a start it’s my birthday month.

Then there are TWO bank holidays.

The weather is usually also a bit less crappie and I’ve got happy sunny* memories of BBQs, picnics, and camping trips over the past 31 errr… 21 years (oh to be 21 again!!)

*Note: when I talk about sunny weather this generally excludes the bank holiday weekends. In fact it is usually only Monday to Friday when most of the population are sat behind a desk looking out at it. However my birthday, weirdly, is ALWAYS really hot though and this year was no exception!

Anyway, despite the mixed weather this past month we have managed to have lots of fun. Here are my highlights of May in pictures:

Family Garden Party
The first bank holiday kicked off with a fun filled trip to my brother-in-law’s 40th! We joined the M6 car park and headed south and had a fantastic couple of days in his family home. The kids enjoyed rides in the lawn mower and trailer and the weather stayed dry for a few games outside and a yummy hog roast tea. Once the tiddlers were tucked up in bed we danced to some good old tunes in ‘the Granary’ with a smoke machine and glitter ball!


Ride on Lawn Mower!


This is wheely fun!

Bubbles, Tents and a Paddling Pool

We’ve had lots of fun in the garden and park on the seemingly rare sunny days, even managing a couple of paddling pool days! The bubble wand has been brilliant and the tiddler enjoys chasing and popping the bubbles. The teepee tent was kindly bought by Grannie and she squeals with excitement crawling in and out, playing peekaboo through the top air vent and sitting playing with her toys inside. It reminds me of the tent at my Grannie’s house that she made and we absolutely loved playing with!

2015-05-04 11.28.51

Bubbles in the Park


Enjoying the May Sunshine

Makeover, Afternoon Tea and a Night Out!

On my birthday weekend I had some quality ‘Me Time‘ (you can read my post about it here). I had my hair done, joined a friend for a charity makeover, met the girls for afternoon tea and then the boys joined us for some cocktails. It was great to let our hair down and have some time together without the tiddler.


image Birthday Night Out!

Picnic in the Park

On my birthday my husband took the day off and it was such a lovely sunny day that we took a picnic hamper to the park for lunch. We had a really nice family time together playing with the ball, making daisy chains and having lots of giggles.


Chilling in the Sun


I can play footy in a dress!


Daisy chains

Shoo-ing Swans in the Lake District

We enjoyed a weekend in the Lake District with my parents, brother and Aunty and Uncle. Windermere Lake is very picturesque although a swan tried to steal our lunch when we arrived. The tiddler got very fiesty shouting “Shoo swan! Naughty swan!”

As well as shoo-ing swans she loved the ferry ride across the lake to see Beatrix Potter’s House and collecting stones in her bucket with Grannie and Grandpa.


Lake Windermere with Grannie

The 3 Queens

Over a million people flooded into Liverpool’s dock to watch the Cunard’s 3 cruise liners The Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 sail in formation into the Mersey River. We braved the crowds and stood on our tip toes to see the spectacle which was very impressive. There was a whole weekend of celebrations to mark the 175th Anniversary of the famous cruise line including light shows, fireworks and a display from the Red Arrows. The tiddler managed amazingly well as we stood in one spot for an hour and a half and spent most of the time fastening and unfastening her pram straps! Was amazed how it kept her occupied for so long!


The 3 Queens Cruise Liners


Ships? What ships? I’ll just play with my pram straps.


Funny Sleeping Positions

The tiddler has made me chuckle recently by curling up to sleep in some odd places. She’s very cute how she curls up after swimming and gets herself ‘comfy’ with my jumper or a towel on the bench whilst I get changed. The other day she decided to lie down on the bottom step of the stairs. At least now I don’t need to measure her height… she’s a step width!

2015-05-23 10.52.01

Doesn’t look comfy

2015-05-30 11.28.27

Swimming was Tiring!

2015-05-20 18.06.27

“Night night Mummy” she said.

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