Naughty and Nice

Every week or so my tiddler seems to have set phrases she uses alot. This week has been a mixture of ups and downs. She’s saying phrases more often now and getting better at copying words, counting and this has been amazing to hear. However she also seems to be using her new found speech development to express her annoyance and frustration. It’s been tough trying to tell her off and we tried the naughty step for the first time this week with little success. It turned into a game of peekaboo between the stair bannister rails and she had a great time with new found freedom being left unattended on the stairs! I don’t think she realised she was being told off and thought it was great fun!

This reminds me of one of her favourite phrases from this week:

“This is fun!” – she exclaims this in such a giggly excited way usually several times; makes me laugh. We got out of the car the other day and there was a bit of a slope down to the bank and she started running and giggling “this is fun, this is fun, this is fun!”


“Oh my word!”Β is another new phrase that tickles me as she clearly picked it up from me and she says it with such enthusiasm at random times. She said it the other day when we went to read her bedtime story and she looked at the pile of books that had accumulated on her bedside table “oh my word!”

My husband was reading her counting book at bedtime the other day and he got to the last page, counting to 10 and when he’d finished she turned round, tapped him on the shoulder and said “well done”. Hearing this tickled me so much and he was a bit taken aback at her innocently patronising voice and just replied “thank you”.

There have been some commonly said phrases this week that we haven’t liked too and the one that prompted the naughty step that she’s been saying, or I should say shouting is:

“NO mummy!!!” Or “NO daddy!!!” This is accompanied by a furrow of the eyebrows and finger pointing. Occasionally I get told off “naughty mummy!” Hard trying not to laugh when she says this and she’s clearly copying what she’s heard but we’re trying to teach her she can’t shout at us. Fortunately she’s not said it for the last couple of days but I’m sure our days of being shouted at are definitely not over… we’ve not even reached the ‘terrible twos’ yet, let alone the teenage years!

“My turn!” Sharing is not a toddler’s strong point and she seems to be getting more and more defiant recently.

Generally though I’m loving this stage and being able to communicate better with her. It’s giving us lots of laughs and proud moments, especially when she’s great at saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and she’s cute when she says ‘AMEN’ when we say thank you to God, usually at meal times and bedtimes.

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994 thoughts on “Naughty and Nice

  1. “naughty mummy” made me chuckle i have 3 little girls who like to tell me off regularly I have even done some time in the naughty corner on occasion it is funny when your just playing but when your actually trying to tell them off and they do it it’s like whoopsie shouldn’t of played that game hahah! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars x

    • Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚ it’s hard not to laugh isn’t it when they do/say something naughty. I might try naughty corner instead of step cos she loves the stairs, it’s one big climbing frame! Hehe

  2. Ah what a lovely update on your tiddler’s current phrases. It is a challenge sometimes to try and get them to understand what sitting on the naughty step means! I love your tiddler saying “oh my word!” – so adorable and “naughty Mummy” made me chuckle – I end up on the receiving end of that one every so often too! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for commenting and hosting the linky. She’s so cute when she copies little phrases, I’m going to try and keep recording new phrases as they come and go, will be great to look back on.

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