Let your Hair Down!

It’s pretty safe to say becoming a parent changes your life… you have to make sacrifices and changes in lots of ways. From the minute you wake are woken in the early hours of the morning until bedtime you are meeting the constant demands and needs of a little person or persons. Most of the time it’s fun and rewarding but every parent needs a break… just going out without a changing bag or a pushchair or routine every once in a while will keep you sane! You need time to be YOU!

Time to remember what life could be… and surely will be like again one day.

Time to let your hair down.

Time to wander aimlessly around the shops, browsing the lines of clothes without checking your tiddler hasn’t run into the glassware section or pulled clothes off the rails.

Time to have an uninterrupted conversation with a friend.

Time to get glammed up and dust off your heels.

Time to just sit… preferably with a glass of prosecco/beer and your closest friends.

I feel quite privileged recently to have had a lot of ‘me’ moments and some fun times with close friends. A couple of weeks ago I went away for a couple of nights for a friend’s hen do and then recently I celebrated my birthday by going for afternoon tea with some girl friends. In fact the day leading up the afternoon tea was equally as relaxing!


Rare Night Out Together!

The day started with me getting my hair highlighted, cut and styled… it’s quite sad when sitting in a hairdresser salon with a trashy mag and a hot mug of coffee feels like a spa day! I then went into the city centre and met a friend and we both had a Benefit makeover. Think I nearly fell asleep when she asked me to close my eyes to apply the eyeshadow! We then enjoyed a bit of child-free shopping and I actually bought some clothes and jewellery for me! We arrived to meet the others for afternoon tea in a chilled out mood and had a fantastic time. The boys joined us afterwards for a drink or 2 and my hubbie came too once the tiddler was asleep and he’d briefed the babysitter. It was a lovely, rare thing being out together and felt just like the old days!

This week I was also able to enjoy more ‘me’ time. My husband took the day off for my actual birthday and we had a fantastic day in the sun as a family just playing in the park with a picnic. He then looked after the tiddler whilst I went to meet friends for tea before going to see SClub 7! It was so much fun dancing around to cheesy tunes and pretending to be 16 again.

When the tiddler was a baby I did wonder if she noticed I’d gone out. Now she’s older (nearly 20 months) and starting to speak it’s clear she does notice. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to upset her unless she actually sees me leave the house so I tend to sneak out when she’s not looking to save tears. The other day after I’d gone to see SClub I’d left her having tea. She played with daddy, had her bath and it wasn’t until he was warming up her mug of milk that she said “Where mummy gone? Not here!” She went to bed happily though without any trouble so all was good.

I recommend everyone to plan lots of you time into your parenting life. It’ll keep you young, keep you sane and keep you smiling 😀

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  1. What a lot of lovely me time you’ve managed to have lately and sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. So glad that your tiddler seems to cope well with it (sneaking out is often the easiest way to save tears isn’t it?) and her little question of “Where Mummy gone? Not here!” is just adorable – thank you for sharing it with #ftmob 🙂

  2. Great tip! We are planning to go to London for my partners 30th kid free next month! Can’t wait! It is important for your own sanity to have some “me time” Thank you for sharing with #wineandboobs

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