Garden Toy Favourites

This British weather is a real tease at the moment. One minute it’s baking hot and we’re slapping the suncream on and pursuading the tiddler to keep a sun hat on, the next it’s crazy hailstones and we’re trying to remember where we threw the wooly hats in our excited “summer has arrived!!” dance.

My one and a half year old has loved playing out in the garden but she started to get a bit bored with just taking some of her indoor toys outside. She was happy for a bit with her ride on car, pushing her dolly around and ‘helping’ me out by digging out flowers weeds but soon we started buying garden toys to keep her amused…

Here’s a few garden toys that have been a hit so far this year for my toddler.

Bubble Wand
This bubble wand was only a couple of quid and my tiddler has had so much fun from it. Plus once the mixture has run out we can just refill it with washing up liquid and keep going!


Aside from the standard way a slide should be used, the tiddler has found other ways to entertain herself with the slide. For example rolling balls down it, sending her teddies down, climbing up it. When it was a really hot day a couple of weeks ago we poured water down the slide and had it going into her paddling pool!

A great way to tire them out before bed. We picked up this second hand one for £5 from Gumtree.

Watering can
The tiddler loves to copy everything I do in the garden so I bought her a dinky watering can. We planted green beans just before Easter and she’s been loving watering them (and her feet) and watching them grow.


Toddler Swing
I chose a toddler swing that will adapt into a normal swing when she’s older. I think we’ll get many years out of it as she first used it aged 6 months.

With summer nearly here do you have any other fun garden toys a toddler would like? I’m looking for a few more ideas and hopefully we might actually get some decent weather for it!

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  1. So lovely to get out in the garden. My little ones love their slide and watering cans – we also have a Little Tikes playhouse and car which are a big hit too 🙂

    • Yeh was thinking about a little car as she always loves those and we have a good size patio. Might get looking on Gumtree!

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