Spring in our Step

This spring sunshine is really perking us up and I’ve even noticed a difference in the tiddler. She’s much less whiny and loving having the freedom to be able to just run around the garden, throw balls across the grass, pull the heads off my flowers, play on her slide and swing and explore this whole new world that stayed hidden away in the past few cold, damp months.

It’s a relief really. The little girls and their puppy next door provide endless entertainment peering over the fence and the hole in the fence probably won’t get fixed now that it’s become a favourite peek-a-boo spot for them.

I feel like there’s so much more fun we can have at home when the weather’s better and and we’ve definitely been watching less TV which was sometimes the only way to stop us both going insane and for me to get little jobs done.

Here’s what my 18 month old tiddler has been up to in the garden this week:

  • Throwing and chasing balls
  • Playing on the swing and slide
  • Planting out green runner beans
  • Helpfully handing me pegs as I hang out the washing
  • Carrying weeds to the wheelbarrow as I dig them up
  • Peek-a-boo with the neighbours
  • Picnic on the lawn
  • Meeting some garden friends (worms and snails)
  • Pushing her doll’s pram around
  • Playing with ride on car
  • Watering the plants
  • Transferring stones from one plant pot to another

All in all this last week has been fantastic and we’re all feeling much happier! We’ve had so much fun together. It’s raining again now but I’m sure the sun will come out to play again soon. 🙂


Have you got any other ideas for garden games or activities we could do when the sun next comes out?

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One thought on “Spring in our Step

  1. Sounds like loads of fun and they’ve been so helpful too! Love that you’ve been planting veg – I really want to but I’m worried we’ll miss the boat if I don’t get on it soon!
    Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xxx

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