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With all the talk lately of the next Royal baby due any moment it got me wondering what life would be like as a Princess Parent. My imagination went into overdrive whilst the tiddler was sleeping in the back seat of the car and I was sat in my trackies looking knackered… how different would my parenting life be if I was a Princess with a Royal baby?

I wouldn’t need to get up in the night! Well… I’d probably still breastfeed but once they’d weaned the nanny could settle the tiddler back to sleep!

I wouldn’t look like I’d just woken up with bed hair and no make up when in fact I’d barely been near my bed.

I’d have a make-up artist to hand to hide the wrinkles and dark baggy eyes.

I would never need to make the tea one handed whilst calming the hungry whining tiddler.

There would always be someone to hand me the TV remote and a glass of wine water whilst feeding the baby.

I’d get to pee and shower in peace! A nanny would always be to hand for those times you just want a bit of privacy and space to breathe.

When the baby / toddler throws food at the walls and smears it on your finest curtains you could just get the maid to clean it!

When your toddler is disgusted by her tea and spits it out you could just say “take it up with the chef!”


At the risk of sounding negative and ungrateful for the lowly life I lead in my suburban semi I’ll include a few advantages of NOT being a famous Princess… are there any? Well I’ve racked my brain and thought of a few.

I can just leave the house in my trackies, unwashed hair and nobody would care! Noone would be waiting round the corner to photograph me and the tiddler.image

I can get away with mummy fails without making the front page of The Daily Express.

The last outfit I dressed the tiddler in isn’t being scrutinised in the fashion section… what if the tiddler had puked all down the designer outfit just as you were leaving the house and you had to grab a top that didn’t match?

I wouldn’t have the freedom to just meet other mums or go to the local park without crazy attention.

So there are a few and that’s not even including the attention of being pregnant and famous… all the headlines of how she’ll give birth, where she’ll give birth, how big the bump is, her maternity dress sense, whether it’s a boy or girl… There are quite a few reasons I wouldn’t want to be famous in general, aside from the obvious benefits that money can buy. Zayne from One Direction has opted out of the spotlight but some doubt it’ll be a long time before he can ever lead a fully normal life. In fact the media attention he received when he announced he was leaving has probably caused the opposite effect… my husband has now heard of him and knows what he looks like! So while I’ll accept being a ‘normal’ parent for now, I’ll sit back and watch the imagination of my own gorgeous Princess as she looks for her Prince. Who knows, she might even marry George one day!!!

What could you do differently if you were the parent of  a Royal baby?

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  1. I love your selection and I would also have someone cook me delicious but very healthy meals – how amazing would it be to not have to think about it?! I do love to cook but it takes quite some time about of my day and sometimes you just want something quick. Hello pizza!

    You’re right though, it can’t all be easy. I literally sobbed when I watched the news and they had to come out to a frenzy of world press literally the day after giving birth. They must have been terrified!! Great post, thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

    • Oh I know that must have been awful. I wouldn’t be suprised if she has a home birth this time and doesn’t tell anyone until s/he is a couple of weeks old and everyone would just think she’s gone overdue! I just cringed when I saw she had to carry him down those steps in her heels in front of the world media, must have been awful! Definitely don’t want to be a princess in reality!

    • I’d love to know!! It would be amazing not having to do your own hair or make up. And imagine being the nanny for Prince George…how terrifying if you got something wrong or he choked doing baby led weaning or something!!

  2. a good balanced argument there! I’m still not sure what I’d prefer. The thought of a shower in peace is winning though.

    • Haha I know, can you imagine if she forgot to put a nappy on and was snapped with a pooey George! Then again she’s probably never sleep deprived so less likely to make such basic mistakes lol

  3. Sounds awesome (besides having to dress up every time you leave the house). Can I be a princess pleaseeee?

  4. I would like to be rich but not famous. Then you get the best of both worlds! There is no way I could handle being a Princess, I’m not any good at staying quite and looking presentable 😉

    • That’s a good point, having enough money to afford the nanny and the luxury but not the pressure of fame would be ideal!

  5. haha ‘take it up with the chef!’

    I’d love Kate to just say ‘eff it’ and go out in her pyjamas with odd shoes on and george in a pukey onesie.

  6. Yes too true, I love this post the fairytale is beautiful isn’t it, but I bet the reality is actually quite a hard life to live, I love our Royal Family they do an incredible job and being in the spotlight can’t be easy, its very easy to judge when you are not in someones shoes x

    • Definitely, must be quite hard at times esp if you’ve not been brought up with those kinds of pressures. She certainly pulls it off amazingly though!

  7. I love this! As much as I would love nights where someone else always got up for the baby, I don’t think I would take that over having my parenting judged by the rest of the world!
    Thanks for joining in with #SundayStars

    • Thanks for hosting! Yes there are definite advantages but it would be quite tough too and your parenting decisions would be scrutinised by everyone. Its embarrassing enough if your toddler has a tantrum in public but can you imagine if your toddler was Prince George? I can’t imagine him having tantrums….

  8. I quite like the idea of the maid cleaning up all the toddler mess from dinnertime – I think I might also ask her to hunt for the toys that disappear under the sofa too! On the whole though I don’t think I’d want to swap – I like being able to have mummy fails without being scrutinised and to go out of the house without having to wear make-up or making sure there are no sticky fingerprints on my clothes.

    • Haha yes a maid would be amazing! Definitely couldn’t cope with having to look perfect everytime I left the house tho. How amazing did she look the same day she gave birth too?

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