Leaving Home aged 19 months

The tiddler is really making me chuckle recently. She is now just gone 19 months and she comes out with the funniest expressions, conversational babbling and very occasionally something that we can actually understand among the babbling.


Leaving Home

The other day my husband was prancing around and putting on a silly voice to make her giggle and she just looked at him with an air of disapproval and I swear she sighed “poor mummy”. We were in fits of giggles!

A funny phrase the tiddler has picked up at the childminders is “bye guys!”. She sounds so cute when she says it. I also love how she seems to enjoy saying bye bye to pretty much anyone and anything, even inanimate objects. For example when leaving the house in the morning you might hear “bye bye daddy, bye bye shoes!”

Last week I think she’d finally had enough of us and decided to leave home. I was washing up and heard “bye bye mummy, bye bye daddy!” I looked to see what she was doing and spotted her carrying a sleeping bag to the front door. “Bye bye Bella!” I said and she cheerfully waved to me “bye bye mummy!” I’d love to know what adventures go through her head… maybe she was off on holiday, trekking through the jungle with her dinosaur and Mr Tumble.

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  1. Oh bless her – wouldn’t you just love to know exactly what they are thinking sometimes? I wonder where she wanted to go. I do love the disapproving look and “poor mummy” sigh as well! Thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

    • Haha that was such a comedy moment that we both heard the same thing when she probably said something else but sounded so much like “poor mummy” haha. I would definitely love to know what she’s thinking… can’t wait for her to speak more!

  2. Brilliant. I used to pretend to leave home too but I was about 5 rather than 19 months! So funny and I love that she took her sleeping bag – all I used to pack were my cuddly toys! #ftmob

    • She’s 19 months going on 19! Such a character, loving this age hearing the speech develop and their little personalities and imagination!

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