Egg-citing Easter

Easter has always been a special weekend for me and I have treasured memories of seeing my grandparents and other family. We traditionally always joined in the Good Friday walks where a cross was carried up a hill and we sang songs together at the top before climbing down.image

The services on Easter Sunday always started with everyone shouting “He is Risen!!! Allelulia!!” and were always lively and joyful. I have happy memories of receiving Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, knitted chicks with an egg inside, and my parents always had a lovely wooden egg filled with treats. We would make an Easter garden out of things we collected in the garden, blow eggs and paint them, and with an artist mum we would get crafty making Easter cards.

I would love my daughter to grow up with the same exciting memories as well as understanding the reason we celebrate Easter. It’s too easy to mindlessly paint eggs and eat chocolate and forget that the eggs are representing new life. I hope that she will celebrate Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday and know that he died so she can be forgiven and have a new life with him. Now that’s something to get Egg-cited about 🙂


Collecting Golden Eggs!

This weekend she had so much fun playing with her cousins, Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents! In the morning we went to church where they processed a cross decorated with spring flowers and there was a puppet show which the kids loved. After lunch and a snooze they did an Easter Egg hunt around the garden and the tiddler was so excited when she found an egg and put it into her little basket before saying “Anymore?” and running off to look in the next bush.

The cousins then decorated Easter biscuits with icing sugar and sprinkles and ate them whilst watching The Gruffalo.




It was great being around the family again and they really noticed the difference in my tiddler since the last family gathering only 3 weeks ago. Her speech has really progressed and here are a few new things she was saying this weekend:

“Issac” (her cousin)
“Where the trains?” (she shocked me going up to her Aunty Ana and coming out with this. At least that what it sounded like!)
“Baboon” (balloon)
“Ani” (Aunty Ana)
“Lorloo” (Aunty Laura)
“Ley ee go, Ley ee go” (singing along to ‘Let it go’ from Frozen) (oh no, it’s started…)
“Anymore?” (Searching for eggs)
“Mouse” and “Owl” (every time she saw them when watching The Gruffalo)

What did you do this Easter weekend?

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  1. What a lovely list of your tiddler’s toddlerism – “ley ee go” sounds adorable and love “baboon” for balloon. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter and thank you for sharing with #ftmob 🙂

    • It’s great isn’t it, I love getting her to say words back to me and hearing how they end up sounding 🙂 Grandpa is “barbar” at the moment hehe

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