Tips for Toddlers: How to excite your boring parents!

Sometimes adults can be sooo boring, they use this boring adult language and look bored most of the time. Here are 5 tips to get your mummy or daddy to be exciting! Trust me it’s fool proof… Their voices become loud and high pitched, they pull funny faces and sometimes even jump around!

Tip #1

Pretend to be completely disgusted by any food you are presented with (screw up face, spit out food, throw it on the floor or wipe on nearest furnishing). Just when your adult is starting to get excited they may then give up and eat your food themselves. At this point decide you want the food then shout “more” when it’s all gone!

Tip #2

If your parent tries to put you to sleep in the cot DO NOT lie down. If you scream and shout loudly enough they will eventually get excited and then bring you back down to play some more!

Tip #3

They will try to put clothes on you at certain times of the day and then sometimes try to take them off again. This makes no sense and if you let them get away with it they won’t become excited and playful. They may put trousers on you in the morning and then at regular intervals throughout the day they will lie you down to take them off again! Maybe you could try refusing to put on your dressing gown in the morning but when they want to put your coat on you, only allow your dressing gown to be put on. This will cause an excited parent.

Tip #4

Lie placidly and serenly on the changing mat to lull your boring parent into a false sense of security. Wait until the moment when the nappy has been removed and they turn away to reach for the wipes. At this point quickly roll over and crawl away. The parent will become extra excited if you a) do a poo poo first b) stick your foot in the poo c) crawl away with pooey bottom in the air and turn to sit on the carpet / sofa / other soft furnishing.

Tip #5

Your mummy and daddy can sometimes be especially boring first thing in the morning. They need a bit of help waking up and you can help them become excited. Use the above tips when they try and change your nappy, get you dressed and feed you breakfast. In addition when they’re rushing to get you in the car seat or pushchair you could try adopting the plank position. Brace yourself as straight as possible and have fun as they become really excited!!


If you have any more tips for how to make your boring parents into excitable play mates then please share with us in the comments or on twitter @tiddlertales.

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    • They’re little monkeys arn’t they sometimes! Certainly know how to push the boundaries. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • Haha we had a week of full on plank battles EVERY time I needed to put her in car and pram. Thankfully she’s bit better at the moment but it reduced me to tears a couple of times!!

  1. Number #5 made me laugh out loud! It’s very true. I also love #1 – it’s Luke’s firm favourite at the moment. Great post! Ray xx @

    • Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed it! I’m sure there’ll be many more to come…In fact there already have been since I wrote this lol!

    • You’re welcome 🙂 enjoyed reading some of the other posts too. I’ll be joining you again soon with my next post. Xx

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