Quick easy Birthday or Father’s Day card!

This is a really simple, non messy but really personalised card you can make to send a loved one from your tiddler. Whether they’re a newborn or a toddler they’ll love helping you make this card.

What you needimage
Piece of coloured card  (same or 2 different colours)

A pen.



A baby or child’s hand to draw round.

How to make it
Draw round your baby or toddlers hand onto the coloured card. You’ll need a right hand and a left hand to cut out.  Or if they’re older they could do this themselves.

Cut out the 2 hand prints.

Cut a rectangle of coloured card and write ‘THIS MUCH’ along the length. Make it in a concertina. Use this to join the hands together by glueing each end to the back of each hand.

It’s now pretty much finished! Just write “Daddy I love you…” on the front handprint. (Or “Grandma I love you…”) Write your greetings on the handprints depending on the occasion and don’t forget to write “love from…” on the back handprint!

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