My Top 10 Mummy Fails

*No tiddlers were harmed (permanently) in the making of this post*

We’ve all had those moments. You doubt yourself as a parent. You feel sorry for your baby that had no say in the matter. Most of all you wonder whether you’re really fit to be responsible for someone so fragile and vunerable. Fortunately though when you chat to other parents you realise it’s not just you and that in fact everyone of us has had those moments. Just to make you all feel better here are my top 10 ‘Mummy Fails’. There have been many more I’m sure over the past 17 months that I’ve been parenting, but these are the ones that I haven’t blocked out of my memory for good.

So in order of severity, starting with the not-so-bad and ending with a corker that nearly had us calling the fire brigade!

Mummy Fail #10) Forgetting Nappies


Always carry a spare!

This is something that everyone will probably do at some point in their parenting lives… or maybe not. I got ready for our day out saying to myself “must refill the changing bag, must refill the changing bag….” in a kind of mantra fashion as I dashed around the house getting food for lunch, snacks, a change of clothes, a bottle of water, a book and a toy in case she gets bored in the car, a present for the birthday girl, hat and gloves, winter coat etc etc. I left the house and arrived at our destination without said nappies. Oops! Fortunately I wasn’t in the middle of nowhere and we promptly made a trip to the nearest shop to buy (very expensive!) nappies. D’oh!

Mummy Fail #9) Stranded Without Snacks


More Changing Bag Essentials

Snacks. They are every parent’s must have. It makes the day bearable, whether it’s a healthy pot of grapes or a quick-grab bag of rice cakes or the dreaded raisins that seem to make it into every nook and cranny of the car and pram. I never, ever leave the house without them… except when I do. Well… I only did it once and NEVER AGAIN!!

Mummy Fail #8) Forgetting to Change Nappy

I got home from the supermarket, quite pleased with myself that we’d managed to get round without any meltdowns and I’d got everything we needed for a change. Then I noticed the big wet patch… oh… her nappy that I put on 5 hours ago was a tad full. Oops! Felt quite bad but very lucky she hadn’t wet whilst we were out (sure I’ve got all that to come though when potty training).

Mummy Fail #7) Napping with a Musical Christmas Jumper


Offending Musical Christmas Jumper

This was a bad bad bad mistake. Our tiddler had been settling well for naps in the cot at the start of December after a few battles. That day she was wearing a Christmas jumper with a reindeer on the front. If you pressed the reindeer’s nose it played Jingle Bells. Unfortunately as she rolled onto her front the nose pressed and she was jolted awake to sound of Christmas tunes! She doesn’t resettle well if she wakes and this was one of those moments… I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time!!  This was a big nap #FAIL and the next hour was spent trying to get her back to sleep!

Mummy fail #6) Choking on a Letter

When my tiddler was 7 months old she wasn’t yet crawling but was just starting to turn on the spot and shuffle a little bit. I needed the toilet so set her up with a few toys around her. I wasn’t gone long and came back in to find her gagging and seemingly choking on something. As I hastily picked her up she promptly wretched and puked up her entire stomach contents including the offending chunk of paper. I had just opened my post and she had managed to reach the letter and chew a bit of paper off the corner.

Mummy fail #5) Distracted by Cup of Tea

There have been a few face planting moments in my tiddler’s development as she learnt to sit up by herself and crawl. This one, however, was well and truly my fault. My tiddler was 4 months old and I was at a baby group. I was sitting behind her as she was just starting to sit unaided for a few seconds at a time. She was doing quite well and someone tapped me on the shoulder to offer me a cup of tea. I turned around and got involved in a conversation over whether I wanted sugar, milk etc. when suddenly I was interrupted by shrill screams. My poor baby was face down on the hard wooden floor having fallen over sideways and missed the rug. She recovered fairly quickly and just sported a red mark on her forehead for the rest of the day just to remind me of my lapse of concentration.

Mummy Fail #4) Bedtime Fail

After a busy weekend away and travelling back up north at bedtime my then 3 month old struggled to transfer from the car into her cot. After we’d tried for a while to settle her I ended up pacing up and down the nursery in the dark until FINALLY the screams died down and she fell asleep in my arms. I waited a while before putting her in the cot but as I turned round I walked right into the Jumperoo which set off the music loudly playing the lively tune which sure enough woke her again!!! Frustrated doesn’t quite do justice to how I felt as I started back at square one trying to settle one extremely over-tired baby. I learnt from that to turn the Jumperoo fully off before bedtime!!

Mummy Fail #3) Letting my Phone Near the Bath

My tiddler, like many others, loves my phone. After all, a few presses of the screen and her beloved Peppa appears! The other day I made the mistake of letting her take hold of it as I was filling up the bath. She often throws her bath toys into the bath and decided to throw my phone in. She probably didn’t have a clue why I reacted the way I did but fortunately after an evening with the battery out drying over a radiator it survived the ordeal.

Mummy Fail #2) Misjudging the Cot

We went through a bad patch recently when my tiddler was teething and struggling to settle at bedtime. One night, after leaving her to cry and going in and out of her room, it got to the point where I ended up rocking her. I usually keep the landing light on and the door partially open but the doorstop moved and I was plunged into pitch blackness. I settled her in my arms and as I put her in the cot I misjudged where the end was and her head hit the wooden headboard. The screams hit the roof and that was the end of my tether so and I handed her over to my husband and left the room to calm down.

Mummy Fail #1) Toilet Seat Stuck

Last weekend saw the biggest ever mummy fail which inspired this blog post. We have a trainer toilet seat which we bought a bit prematurely as it was on offer but she likes to sit on it on the floor when I sit on the toilet. Anyway, on Sunday I saw her playing with the toilet seat and putting it on her head like a hat but I was in the middle of doing something in the kitchen and I knew the seat was clean as she doesn’t actually use it yet. Suddenly she started whining and fussing and the seat was over her head and round her neck! She was starting to panic and cry, trying to pull it off her head. I just thought, well it went on, it must come off right? Not so easily! I started to fret as I pulled at the toilet seat and pressed in her ears trying to pull the darn thing off and it would. not. budge.

My husband was upstairs having a nap and was awoken to me running up the stairs shouting “Help! The toilet seat’s stuck on her head!!” I ran into the bedroom carrying a distressed tiddler with toilet seat attached and together we attempted to prise it off her head. So many thoughts went through my head: “What if we can’t get it off?”; “If we have to take her somewhere to get it taken off she wouldn’t fit in the car seat with a toilet seat round her head!”; “Do we call 999 to get the fire brigade to cut it off?”.


The toilet seat that was stuck over her head.

Suddenly I had a light bulb moment! I got the baby oil which was bought when I was pregnant as one of the must-have baby essentials and then stood unopened on the shelf… maybe it was waiting for this moment? After covering her hair with oil the seat finally worked its way off. Tears poured down her face and I cuddled her tightly vowing never to let her play with that toilet seat again!!

As I told my friends about this incident, who found it partly hilarious, I was gutted I didn’t take a photo and relieved to discover we were’t the only ones. My friend sent this link she’d seen and the incident happened the same day as us!!

So there are my Top 10 #mummyfails. I’ve learnt from each and every one but am sure I will keep making mistakes. Some things are inevitable mishaps, some are things we really should know better about but they really don’t make us bad parents. We are pushed to limit, made to multitask on a daily basis, and often quite sleep deprived so I challenge anyone to say they’ve never had a parent fail moment.

Have you had any big oops moments? I’d love to hear any mummyfails or parentfails you’ve had with your tiddlers! Comment below or tweet me @tiddlertales. 😀
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849 thoughts on “My Top 10 Mummy Fails

  1. Oh I shouldn’t laugh but the toilet seat one made me laugh! My brother got stuck in a chair in littlewoods when he was little, he was with our babysitter who was minding him as part of her child studies while I wasat school and mum was in work, they had to call the fire brigade and he was busy screaming mummy mumm, our poor babysitter was mortified, my mum found it hilarious! Still he wasn’t too scarred by the ordeal except for the embarrassment these days!

    • Haha that’s brilliant, a story for his 18th lol. she must have been mortified but hope she took a photo, that’s my biggest regret from the toilet seat incident hehe!

  2. Hahahaha! I’ve done quite a few of those. All part of the giant learning curve I guess! And I’ve come to realise that we can get out of most situations unscathed (even if I mostly look like an amateur mummy!).

    • Very true, it’s all one big learning curve! sure There’ll be many more to come but just gotta laugh and learn from them!

  3. Hah this is brilliant! I have managed a few of these fails myself too 😀 I am sure everyone has! I lolled about the Christmas jumper, that must have been hilarious (maybe not right there and then but later :))

  4. Oh this is an awesome post!! I love no. 7 and 1 particularly ha ha! Reading this makes me feel better and that once again, I’m not alone in mummy fails – so thank you very much for sharing 🙂 🙂 Mim @ #SundayStars

  5. Oh, the toilet seat one! I am sure you can laugh about it now, but I bet it was traumatic at the time. Good thinking with the baby oil and good on you for being so honest about your parenting fails. My son once got a raisin stuck up his nose! We had to take him to A&E, very traumatic at the time, but always makes people laugh now. x #brilliantblogposts

    • Hehe yes was quite traumatic although strangely hilarious at the same time! Those raisins get everywhere I’m surprised that doesn’t happen more often! Lol. Must have been awful having to take him to A&E and explain!!

  6. Oooooops! Shouldn’t laugh but have!! Have done many of these and some more!! Having twins meant so many slip-ups! I have to constantly be on the ball! Hard work! Thanks for linking up #sundaystars Jess x

    • Having twins must mean you’ve got eyes in the back of your head!! Sounds tough. Thanks for commenting! 🙂 x

  7. Heheeeee! I have had so many fails – forgetting nappies/forgetting to change nappies until you can feel it soaking through your clothes/forgetting to take snacks!! Great post 🙂

    thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    • Phew glad it’s not just me! It always makes you feel a bit silly when you realise you’ve not changed their nappy but so easy to get distracted! Thanks for the comment 🙂

    • Oops! I’ve done that during the day before…gave her nappy off time then forgot and wondered why her dress was wet when I picked her up! Can definitely blame sleep deprivation.

  8. Haha, great post. I love the fact that she went to sleep with a Xmas jumper on, sounds like something I’d do! I think doing stupid stuff to your kid is a right of passage as a parent, plus help build them up! 🙂

    • Haha yeh definitely, that’s what I tell myself… it’ll build up their character lol! Thanks for reading 🙂

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