From the Mouths of Tiddlers 2

So I thought I would end up writing this monthly but new words are just spouting out of my tiddlers mouth at an almost daily rate so this second post has been brought forward. I link up with Louise George’s post ‘From the Mouths of Babes’ on her blog Little Hearts, Big Love.

My tiddler is now 16.5 months and becoming more and more apt at communicating through verbal and non verbal signs and whines! There are still many moments of frustration as we struggle to understand her, but it’s amazing seeing her speech develop. The top 5 words and phrases that have developed in the past fortnight are…

1) “Nak Nak”  This is quite cute as she climbs the stairs to bed saying her version of ‘night night’ whilst waving to downstairs.

2) “boooooooccchhhhjjjkkkkk” For those who can’t read Scouse, this is ‘book’ with a very back of the throat prolonged ending. This is pretty amusing as neither my husband or I are scouse, however we live in Liverpool and she spends 3 days a week with scouse childminders so this accent is inevitable!

3) “Thank you”  The tiddler suddenly said this so clearly a few days ago as I passed her a cup of water and I was amazed! She has since said it a few times and it makes me so happy that she seems to have some manners! Yay! I’m not a rubbish parent! I find it funny that she says this though as I’d been saying ‘Ta’ to her as I thought this might be easier for her to say.

4) “ere y’are” Said whilst passing things to us… which she loves to do! At bedtime she wants us to read a book whilst she reads a (different) book… or should I say ‘boooooooccchhhhjjjkkkkk’ and she just generally likes handing us various toys, items from the bedside table, all the pieces of tomato from her tea because she doesn’t like it, basically anything. Maybe just so she can practise saying it. It’s also a phrase I wouldn’t normally say… I would say “there you go” but realised it’s origin when I picked her up after work the other day and her childminder handed me her changing bag: “ere y’are!” she said.

5) “Bewwa” ….her name, which is actually Bella (Isabella in full) but she struggles with double ‘l’.

There have also been developments in her singing and during ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ song she now says “swish swish swish” for the wipers with a wave of her arms and “wahh wahh wahh” for the baby and “chat chat chat” for the mummys. During ‘Row row row your boat’ she used to only say “Row Row” but this past week has started trying to say ‘merrily merrily’ which actually sounds more like ‘mewwawe mewwawe’. But STILL no ‘mummy’… I did get called ‘daddy’ the other day when we were swimming with my mum and I appeared from under the water in front of her and she pointed at me and squeeled “daddy!!!!” with excitement! I had to dampen her excitement by correcting her that I was not in fact the parent of the male gender. I do try and get this word into her vocabularly daily. Maybe on the next update she’ll be saying “mummy”!

Little Hearts, Big Love


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  1. I love “boooooooochhhjjjkk” and “ere y’are” – adorable! Hopefully she’ll start saying mummy very soon too. Thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 love linking with #ftmob and hopefully next time will have a few more words and maybe a few more scouse words to add too!

    • I know it’s so cute hearing them come out with words for the first time and the singing is especially cute! Love how she tries to join in the the actions but doesn’t get them quite right!

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