Christening Day Poem

I was very very excited and honoured to be asked to be Godmother for my friend’s baby. I’ve known the baby’s mum since University and we lived together and trained together for a few years. We stayed in touch with the same group of girlfriends and then were pregnant together! My Goddaughter was born 5 months after my daughter and it’s been a lovely time being able to watch our babies grow, go for pram walks, take them to baby groups and enjoy being mummy’s together. I hope our daughters (now ‘Godsisters!’) will grow up to be really great friends.

As her Christening Day approaches I wanted to do something special for her. I know she’ll receive lots of thoughtful presents from family and friends and I’ve been trying to decide what I could give her. I decided on a sterling silver cross necklace, child size, that she can wear when she’s old enough for jewelry. Then on Saturday morning, my husband got up with the tiddler and let me have a ‘lie in’. However my mind wouldn’t rest to go back to sleep and I was buzzing with ideas of what else I could give her and randomly decided to write a poem. I don’t really DO writing poems. I’m not very good at getting words to rhyme (as you’ll soon see) and I know you can write poems without rhyming but mine always sounded a bit naff. Anyway I just suddenly got a flow of words and over the following half hour when I should have been catching up on sleep, this poem came together:


Your Christening Day is here,

We are all in good cheer.

To celebrate God’s blessing,

As the church bells ring.


You arrived to us a year ago

And brought us all great joy.

With your tiny fingers and tiny toes

The miracle of new life you showed.


Your parents are so proud

So they’ve gathered us all around

To see how much you’ve grown

To see God’s goodness shown.


We love it when you quiver in excitement

Even if the reason is non-existent

We laugh out loud as you dance with your hands

You sometimes look cheeky as if concocting plans.


As I become your Godmother today

I want to be there for you every day.

To show you how much God cares

Your problems with Him you can share.

Copyright Tiddler Tales.

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