From the Mouths of Tiddlers

My tiddler is now 16 months old and her speech is developing each week, with the babbling baby noises slowly turning into recognisable words. I can tell this stage is going to fun, cute… and very very witty as she tries to copy words and phrases and use them in the right context. That’s why I need somewhere to record them. So what better way than my blog!

Her 5 favourite words of the month are:

1) “Daddy
This started out as “dada” and then “didda” but is now very clearly Daddy. She says this… a lot! When he’s there,  when he’s not there, when she’s at the childminders. She’ll walk around the house going “daddy daddy daddy”. My husband is LOVING it. She’ll say it in response to many questions but was recently captured on camera by my husband saying it in response to “who do you love the most?”. I think it was a fix!! How can I get her to say “mummy”?!

2) “Ot dat?” (Translated = “what’s that?)
This starts out as a very cute phrase as she points to things and I say what they are. This quickly becomes very tedious as the day goes on and is also partly a guessing game… she could be pointing at a tree and I’m saying “that’s a car!” I fear my poor baby will be quite confused very soon.

2) “All day long…
This phrase is her favourite and she picked it up from that dreaded repetitive song The Wheels on the Bus. She only has to hear the words “all day” and she’s off round the house saying “all day long, all day long…” One morning when she woke up and pointed to a toy and said “ot dat?” I said with exasperation “oh you’re not going to say that all day again are you?” She looked at me with a glint in her eye and said “all day long!”

3) “no!!
Oh dear… We knew this was coming. Now she can say it, that’s it to anything she doesn’t want, usually accompanied by a frown and shove of her hand. She can be a stubborn little girl as she’s very keen to be independent and seems to know her own mind already! Help!

4) “Row Row
This is always such a lovely moment when she’ll suddenly decide she wants to sing/play Row, Row, Row the Boat and will grab my hands and say “Row row“. She can’t say anymore of the song but the delight on her face as I start rowing with her and singing the song is fab! It also makes me laugh when I get onto the second verse and she follows me saying “if you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream” with a high pitched “eeeeekkkkk!!!”

5) “Paul
This is my husband’s name. Before she learnt the word “daddy” properly she would hear him being called Paul and decided to copy. Last month she ran into her grandparents’ kitchen saying, “Where Paul?” I now have to call my husband Daddy which feels quite strange!

I’m really looking forward to seeing her speech develop and getting to know our tiddler as she starts to communicate more with us 🙂 Plus she’ll be less frustrated with us when she can finally tell us what she wants! This post is linking up with another blog ‘Little Hearts, Big Love’ following their lovely series “From the mouths of babes“.

Little Hearts, Big Love

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  1. I love blogging too for recording the little things that my children say. Love it when they start saying ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ clearly – hope your tiddler starts adding ‘Mummy’ to her repertoire too. My youngest also says ‘Row, row’ a lot – it’s one of her favourite songs too and I can imagine that ‘all day long’ is adorable at first and then a little less so as you hear it ‘all day long’! My eldest also used to stand at the stairs and call ‘wake up Michael!’ – that’s probably the point when I started referring to my hubby as daddy too – which is fine when the children are awake but sometimes I find myself doing it when it is just the two of us which feels rather odd. Thank you so much for linking up with #ftmob 🙂

    • Enjoyed writing it! Think hearing their speech develop is so amazing! Sadly still not saying ‘mummy’ although since I wrote this post I’ve spent a while saying it to her repeatedly so she might say it soon just to shut me up haha

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