Easy cheap soup recipe

imageI’m not an amazing chef and like things that are quick and easy to cook. Since my tiddler started weaning I’ve become a swift hand at making salt free soups. My tiddler is a bit picky with what veg she’ll eat but if it’s in a soup she loves it no matter what’s in there! I came across a Stew Pack in Aldi and decided to put it all in a soup. My tiddler loves it and it’s so easy to make. I use a Nicer Dicer to make chopping the veg really quick as that’s the only laborious part of soup making!


1.5 kg stew pack
2 garlic cloves
Boiling water… enough to generously cover the veg in the pot (or could dissolve a low salt stock cube in there)
Herbs (esp if not using stock. I used basil and oregano today)

1) Chop all veg from stew pack (onions, carrots, parsnips, swede)
2) 2 tbsp sunflower oil in bottom of large pot or pan
3) Fry onion and garlic for couple of minutes
4) Add all the chopped veg and leave lid on for few more minutes
5) Cover veg with boiling water and herbs or stock
6) Simmer until veg are soft (approx 20 mins)
7) Pour into liquidiser and make desired soup consistency

This 1.5kg stew pack for just over £1 made 7 portions for the tiddler and 2 adult portions. We’ll probably just add a bit of salt when we eat it but it’s yummy!

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