Top 3 Birthday or Christmas presents for a 1 year old girl

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy for a 1 year old. You want to get something that can be used right now, but something that will also be good value for money and last a while as they get older. I’ve put together a list of my Top 3 presents our little girl tiddler has loved the most, has played with the most and that I think will last for a least a couple of years as she grows and develops. In last 3 months She has had her 1st birthday and Christmas and out of all the fantastic presents she received the Top 3 are:-

1) Toy Kitchen

At this age, copying what mummy and daddy do and say is the main way tiddlers learn. My little one will even mop the floor for me if she sees me do it first! Ever since we spent ages one afternoon hanging out in a shop whilst she played with their toy kitchen, I’ve been desperate to find one that is compact and affordable. I found the Plum Cabin Wooden Role Play Kitchen in the Black Friday sales on Amazon and then on Christmas Eve my husband and I joined the countless other parents up and down the land in the annual DIY-a-thon putting it together! She loves playing with the pans and utensils, taking her toy food in and out of the oven, and opening and closing the doors. Even if your tiddler isn’t walking yet they’d still love standing up to the kitchen surface to bang the pots and pans. I’m hoping she’ll get a few years of enjoyment out of it… and then be practised enough to make us breakfast in bed! 😉

2) Dolly

I never really saw my tiddler as a ‘girly girl’. She is in some ways quite boistrous and will destroy towers and throw all the furniture out of her Happyland house, however since she turned 1 I’ve started noticing more girly traits. For example she takes an interest in shoes and will sit for ages trying (and failing) to get her shoes on which just surpasses the cuteness scale. She is also so loving and caring when she plays with the dollies at the childminders’ house. I turned up to pick her up once and she was fondly placing a dolly in a toy highchair and was then pretending to feed it. When her childminder reported how she loves to play with the dollies and look after them I just had to add it to her Christmas wish-list.

Her Aunty and Uncle chose the ‘My baby sister’ doll from ELC which she has taken a fancy to. It has a soft body which makes it a bit more cuddly and she affectionately hugs her dolly in close to her chest and carries her around everywhere. It comes with a dummy, bib, and a bottle which when placed to the mouth makes the cheeks move to make a suckling motion. It also says “mama” and “dada” when you press the dolly’s hands and giggles when you tickle the tummy. The good thing about the dolly is that there are so many other accessories and things you can add to make play time changeable. She received a dolly pushchair from her grandparents and loves to push her dolly around the house and also bathes the dolly in the sink of the toy kitchen (see above). In the future I’d like to get dolly nappies, bathing accessories, and grannie has offered to knit some dolly clothes.

3) Ride on Car

This is a present she received for her 1st birthday that has had A LOT of use. She’s just not stopped playing with it and usually goes for this before any other toy, dragging it both in and outdoors. It has definitely had different uses as my tiddler has grown and developed. Initially using it as a walking aid to push along, lifting the seat to transfer smaller items in and out of it, playing with the phone on the front and then she started climbing on to it, sitting on the seat and pushing it backwards and can now walk her legs to travel forwards. We get lots of giggles when I push her around the house on it and she loves tooting the horn! I’ve had friends to visit with children aged 2 and 3 who have also enjoyed playing on it so it should last for a while yet. You don’t need to spend much either!

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