Right to refuse

You think you’ve got it sussed… you’ve spent months narrowing down your vast selection of baby-appropriate weaning foods to a few they actually like and then *bam* the fussy feeding begins. Yesterday for example Isabella decided I was trying to feed her poison… it was, in fact, just bolognese, the exact same bolognese she usually LOVES… I didn’t hide sprouts in it, or sprinkle pepper over it, just plain old bolognese. Most of it ended up on the curtains and under the highchair. She picked out the pasta and scraped off the meat and that was her tea!

Bolognese is one of those foods that’s so easy to make in bulk and changes into a variety of toddler friendly recipes – lasagna, spag bol, meatballs – I really hope this is just a ‘phase’, a period in which she is exerting her new-found decision making skills and her right to refuse. She is quite clear and competent with her communication of the word no in the form “nahhh” accompanied by a screwed up face, pushing away the rejected item with a shake of the head.

I heard somewhere you’ve got to try a food 8 times before you know they definitely don’t like it so I’ll leave it a few days and try again. At least she still loves broccoli!

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