New Years Resolutions for 2015… dream on!

After the busyness leading up to Christmas and travelling up and down the M6 visiting family I really like that time before New Year. I always try to take some time off work and just relax, catch up on sleep (taking turns to have a lie in!) and reflect on the previous year and what New Years Resolutions I want to try and keep for the year ahead. 2014 was an exciting year watching our little newborn develop and grow into a little toddler with personality, charm and of course some cheekiness! We’ve had some fun holidays, I celebrated my 30th in Crete, we’ve had a couple of nights away from the tiddler (although one of these was spent throwing up into the toilet… not alcohol related… another illness passed around the family and friends), celebrated her Christening and 1st birthday, had the excitement of a road and ferry trip to Germany for a wedding, and had several playdate weekends with her cousins.  This year I resolve to do the following things to ensure our family has an even happier and more fun-filled New Year.

  1. I resolve to stop feeling guilty about too much screen time… it’s not like my tiddler spends her days sat in front of the TV, just sometimes in the evening before tea when she’s starting to get hungry and tired, it has saved me from my toddler escaping across the room with her pooey bottom sticking in the air and having to retrieve her just before she sits on the cream carpet.
  2. I resolve to watch what I say. I don’t have a particular potty mouth but with my tiddler saying new words now almost daily she’s bound to pick up on the odd word uttered when I break something or when there’s a looney driver cutting me up at a junction. She copies sounds amazingly well and is sure to pick up on slip-of-the-tongue words or phrases and blurt them out at some inappropriate moment.
  3. I resolve to make tea with 2 hands… the one-handed tea making usually occurs when a nap has gone wrong or when I’ve been in work and the arrival home is fraught with an overtired and over-hungry tiddler. This I can’t do much about really except revert to resolution number 1. I just might have to use more of my free childminding service in the form of Peppa Pig or Mr Tumble.
  4. I resolve to get down on the floor more and play WITH my tiddler instead of burying my head in my phone (usually on Facebook, Twitter, or writing down ideas for the next blog). This hit home to me when I was down on the floor with her but had to send a quick text and she came up to me, furrowed her brow looking very disgruntled and pushed my phone away with a “naahh”. That was me told!
  5. I resolve to take my tiddler swimming more… We went quite regularly up until she was 10 months old and then just a combination of working the days we usually went and her picking up continuous illnesses from the other kids at the childminders’ meant we just haven’t been very often. I loved swimming as a child and want her to grow up with that confidence in water too.
  6. I resolve never to meet a childless friend for coffee at their house. ALWAYS meet in a public place… preferably one with toys. There are usually no breakable ornaments, precious photo frames or glass vases within reach. Otherwise, it’s not the most relaxing catch-up, and makes following an adult conversation nearly impossible when you’re diving off the sofa every few sentences to stop your friend’s home from being destroyed.
  7.  I resolve to have a date night with “Daddy Pig” once a month… at LEAST. This will involve changing out of my puke-stained, pasta-sauce-smeared clothes, washing my hair, shaving my legs and finding some “going out” clothes at the back of my wardrobe and actually going OUT! Of course babysitter availability permitting!
  8. I resolve to keep my resolutions this year!

Wishing you all an even happier and fun filled 2015! What are your resolutions? Please leave me some comments and set some resolutions too xxx

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