Free day out at the Liverpool World Museum!

You can pay over the top prices to go to Aquariums and even some museums can charge a fortune. My tiddler is 15 months and she goes “wow” at the fish in the shops so I don’t see the benefit at the moment of paying lots to go to an Aquarium. Today we discovered The World Museum in Liverpool which has free entry and a wide range of exciting things to capture both our attention, our tiddlers and her Grandparents’! We awed at the amazing coloured fish on the first floor before her Grandpa picked up the (free) tickets for the planatarium show. This was a fairly basic exploration into the existance or non-existance of Aliens and, although quite captavating with dynamic graphics and sound on the circular ceiling, the tiddler only lasted 10 minutes with her short attention span and hyper overtiredness. She may have been calmer and more attentive if she’d napped for longer than 20 minutes!! She went on to run around squealing with delight at the various bugs, beatles, butterflies and ants in the Bug House.

World Museum

I would definitely recommend The World Museum or somewhere similar near you for a day out with your tiddlers as they’re usually relatively safe, child-friendly places to explore. We didn’t have chance to try out the café but passed through it and it seems set up for babies and kids.

We’ll definitely be paying another visit on the next rainy day we have free as there were 3 more floors we didn’t have time to see.

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