Christmas, It’s all about the kids… really?


Peace on Earth

I hear this phrase way too often… “Christmas, it’s all about the kids isn’t it”. Is it? I think behind this throwaway remark the real meaning of Christmas has really been lost. Sure, for children it’s an exciting time of year. The magical thought of a big jolly white-bearded man falling down the chimney with beautifully wrapped presents; reindeer flying through the sky after they’ve gone to bed; waking up on Christmas day and jumping out of bed to see if they’ve been good enough for Father Christmas to pay them a visit… did he receive their wish list?

Christmas can easily become all about Santa and presents. It’s easy to get lost in the crazy mad rush to get your kids the latest toys, battle the crowds on black Friday, get ourselves so busy in the last few days that we forget why we’re really celebrating. On the first Christmas day the best present was given… It wasn’t gold, frankincense or myrrh. It was a gift of love, of joy, and of peace. Jesus was sent to the world as a tiny baby to share God’s message of love and teĺl the world there is hope and forgiveness.

As you excitedly watch your children open their presents on Christmas day remember the first present of love and be thankful for all your blessings.

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